Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SRJK(C) Khay Boon, Rantau Panjang.

It was reported in the press, that one of respected former politician stated that Chinese from Chinese education do not like to mix with Malay and Indian.

I totally disagreed with his view, even I have not read his original statement , I hope that it is not from him or it may be a printing error.

I am from Chinese education during my primary school days. I still remember fondly that my text book taught us to respect and mixed with other races in Malaysia. My best friends are Indian ; and while working in Kelantan, Trengganu & Pahang (East Coast) , despite the cultural shock initially, the Malays are my good friends. I still have good relationship with the Iban and Kadazan and other natives of East Malaysia. Malay neighbor of my house in Kuantan are my best neighbor, and my daughter's good friends.

He may be a good strategist, and contribute much to the economy of the nation. But by using the race relationship as a strategy, it may be to support certain candidate during the political party election or to provide his personal view on the issue, it is still not a wise move as a former statesman.

To proved a point, that the view is wrong and not correct; and race relationship should not be politicized when party election is coming. Let me introduced to one Chinese primary school in Kelantan where the students were mixture of Malay and Chinese.

Rautau Panjang , a border town between Thailand and Malaysia, in the state of Kelantan. There is one Chinese primary school, where 98% of student population is Malay students. The school is located within the Malay kampong(village in Malay). Now the majority of the students are Malay students , due to the shifting of Chinese families to other places,may be due to better economic reasons. Financially the Chinese community still supported the school. The teachers are Chinese educated. The school is SRJK(C) Khay Boon, Rantau Panjang. Many of residents of the border town, were from the school, Malay or Chinese. Some of the students enter universities, locally and oversea. They have contributed greatly to the state, Kelantan and the nation, Malaysia.

The school was once even open to Malays from Thailand.

So the students graduated from this school has been having mixture of Malay and Chinese, Thai.... this relationship and bond start during their early education years. Now they are neighbour in the local town, in the Malay majority state; some of them are in other places in Malaysia. Their experience will played important role in racial harmony in the society.

The school is not the only school, there are many in the border town of Kelantan, Kedah, northern Perak. The small trends also catching up in big town, more Malay and Indian students are now in the Chinese Primary School, they are doing well, some are top student in school, even scoring A1 in Chinese language.

If Chinese of Chinese education background do not mixed with other races, I am sure the parents of these non-Chinese students will not let their children enter the Chinese primary school.
Chinese culture does not teach us to discriminate against any race; if there is any, it is their personal behaviour. The Chinese saying " Within the four seas, all man are brothers". This is the foundation of our primary school teaching, do you think what the politician said will happen?..........

The school remind me about the time when the Chinese education is facing problem, there are some Malay and Indian who strongly support the schools.

The Kelantan Chinese speak good Kelantanese dialect, some like a local Kelantanese Malay. They eat the same Kelantanese food, and even wear sarong.......it is the same in Kedah, Trengganu, Perlis and Penang........ they mixed well with their "brothers". They called them brother in their conversation.
If not because of the politician who always raised the issues during the state/national/party election. The relationship will be better. Let us not to take the action by lobbyist or NGO, on their agenda, which may sometime be against the policies of ruling party or government, as negative move or classified them as anti this or anti that. It should be taken as positive feedback from the people who voted them to the office, after all they are practicing their democratic right.

Otherwise the democracy is demo- crazy; who dare to pratice it.

So, what is the fuss?

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