Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour together with friends

Earth hour was observed with a group of friends on the night of 28-3-2009, and celebration of my retirement.

We have great time of sharing among the family members; children having great time to mingle around. We started with steam boat first, then some sharing on Book of Mathew by Kwang Yang.

Talking about sleeping in the boat, I still remember when I went for fishing for squids in Marang,Trengannu. The squid fishing will start at the middle of night with light on to attract them. While I am sleeping at the boat in the middle of the sea: the peace, the calmness at night(despite it was raining), you need to be sure and the element of trust that it is OK.The boat is moving with the sea waves,it is not easy to have peaceful sleep. But I slept. There was a guy, who is bigger size, vomit and uneasy during the fishing trip. In the sea, the challenge is different.

Then come 8.30p.m.; the time to observe the Earth hour, the 60 minutes of darkness. It is total darkness, what did you feel? Without light what did you feel? Are you lost?.... if the world is without light, what our life will look like?. Thanks God for the light. I remember the time in the village, when the time to sleep, there was no electricity(& light pollution), we sleep earlier. The city folk,they can sleep late, playing computer games, have late mamak stall session; late night entertainment.....the modern life. Just ponder, did we gain from the better life in this modern era or when the time there was no electricity, no TV, no computer...was the time better, at least we can sleep early and have more rest, more healthy. Just ponder...Oh, why think so much for just one hour of darkness.....

When the time was over at 9.30 p.m.; we see the light. Oh, now we should know how precious is the light. That provide us the ability to overcome darkness. Remember, God said Let there be light, and there was light(Genesis 1:3). To know the precious of light, we must know how to love our each others, love lives. To love ourselves, we must love our body, have enough rest.

Some have another round of steamboat,followed with some song and games. Boon Han played the guitar, Bow Chen played piano. Wah!, Kim Tatt can sing beautiful Japanese song, not bad. He may have sung out of his heart, to pour out all his memory of time when he was in Japan during his college days. The game catch many people in surprise, we realized that we are so weak in memory of names....

We have sharing of family, work, experience, retirement, husband-wife relationship, followed by prayer for those in need.

Then a session of red wine, Teik Leong's face is so red, remember a Chinese song about " Let me see your face, your face look like a red apple". His face is really red! After the drink, hope they are not drunk. We followed with more sharing , more personal, more disclosure......because we have red wine.

Finally,the time is over, it is home sweet home. We need to go home, and start producing the hormones Melatonin..... all in the sleep.

A night well spent as Earth Hour, and a close fellowship.

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