Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reflection of UTAR convocation - 4 thankfulnesses

Attended UTAR Convocation, I would like to quote words from YB Ong Ka Chuan, who mentioned 4 types of thankfulness in his speech;

1) Thankful for our parent
2) Thankful for our teacher
3) Thankful for our society
4) Thankful for our nation

The following is my personal reflection, you may agree or disagree......

Thankfulness need to be given for our parents for given us the complete education, no matter what type of education, what type of school; and the most important of all, no matter who our parents are..... as they have give us the sound foundation to start our life. Life better than their own life, which even they themselves may not have when they are young. Regardless of richness and education, they still give their best to their children, with hope that their children would be better in life, better than their own life..... that is their only hope, and their giving is without any expectation for return. Thank you, dad and mum.

Thank You to our teacher, who teach us how to fish in our life, so that we can face the reality of life with dignity. The academic, leadership, teamwork, character building, relationship, sport/health.........from primary to tertiary education, even teacher in our life journey who are unknown but provide an positive impact in our life, they are also our teacher, we give thanks

Also thanks to the society that provide the education so we can study in peace and acquire our knowledge. Especially the cheerful and willing donor of our private education system; from primary to the university, we salute you. Without the donation, there will not be any complete Chinese education from primary to college; and UTAR and other private college, especially the college run by non-profit organisation. Our private education rival the public education , and provide healthy challenge to the public education. Some are even better.....Thank you all cheerful givers.

The last, the nation, it is the experience of sweet and sour for non-bumiputra students; we know in our heart, what has happen. But we never let the limitation fail us, we still love the nation, Malaysia. It is the nation that give us the peace that we can pursuit our education. We continue to pray for a betterment in democracy and fairness. It is the people that make up Malaysia. Malaysia do not belong to one person, one race, one political party, it belongs to all Malaysian. As we are all Malaysian. We need to change the mind set, and as we are united as a nation, our nation will be moving into the new era, with more confidence to tackle the financial crisis. Thank you, Malaysia.

No one is an island , especially in Malaysia; No one is superior or special or privilege, especially in globalized world. Any inward looking person, race, nation...... will failed. We need to be thankful to God for we are different, so that we can see the beauty of diversity....

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