Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grandma was discharged

This photo is taken during CNY

This photo was taken earlier

Auntie and uncle are trying to pursue grandma to take some food, after discharged from hospital.

Grandma was discharged from the hospital on Friday(6-3-2009). She was in joyful mood, happy that she is leaving the hospital.

During the visit to her on the previous day, she ate little food and water; we have hard time to pursue her to take food; even nurses failed to pursue her. She said she has taken enough food and was not hungry. She was firm in her decision not to eat. She even has the strength to push your hand away if you insist on feeding her.

Despite the little food intake, she was able to talk and joke with us. She talk about old days in China; talk about her parents and brother(who was killed at Huliau, China, during cultural revolution); talking about the old days how she collect woods from the jungle............later she told us, she cannot tell her personal story in public, she will continue at home in private.....

Grandma spoke Hokkian with the nurse, which is abnormal for her as she is a Hakka speaker; but auntie said she can speak Penang Hokkian. It is nice to hear her speak Hokkian, which we seldom hear from her. Auntie said she can also speak Cantonese. How amazing that grandma was able to pick up all these dialects.

She is very thankful that we visited her; she is polite to offer thanks to anyone near her bed.

Grandma is still skinny, and left only bone with little fresh. When we hold her hands and touched her legs, we can feel the bone, she is different from us, without the muscle, fatty tissues. Her metabolism is slowing down.

But she is still strong, and alert; except a little big tired........

Jiayou, Grandma. We will walk with you. We love you grandma.

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