Saturday, March 21, 2009

Super Star Virgo Cruise(from Penang - Phuket or P2P)

The photo of Super Star Virgo ship, the photo is not clear as the weather is cloudy. The ship was in Penang Port on 16-3-2009(Monday), arrived on 12 noon, and depart on 8 p.m.

We arrived at 1 p.m., waiting for a while for the passengers to leave the ship for their shore excursion. We only board the ship at about 2 p.m.. Our cruise was actually started from Singapore, but we only boarded the ship from Penang.

The cruise schedule was Singapore-Penang-Phuket-Singapore.

The passengers were mainly from Australia(from Perth) , Japan, India, Singapore, and other nations. There were few Malaysian. We(three of us) were the few from Penang. Despite the financial crisis, the cruise was not affected, and there were many senior aged passengers aboard the ship. We all have good time in the cruise, forgot about the land and their financial crisis......

The employee of the ship cruiser are international, mainly Philipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese and Indonesian. Few Malaysian, as the remuneration is not attractive for them. The sea crew are mainly from Sweden(including Captain and high ranking sea crew),Philippines, Indonesian. The only doctor is a Burmese.

It is truely an international cruise.........

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