Monday, March 2, 2009

Duo in hospital after assault by 50 Mat Rempits

It was at Jalan Pahang, Titiwangsa; two men was attacked by 50 Mat Rempits. It happen in the wee hours of Wednesday, 25-2-2009. The two men had to be hospitalised. The police estimated the number to be 20(The Star, 2-3-2009).

Mat Rempit is the Malasian term for individual who participate in illegal street racing by motorcycles. Malaysia is not able to solve the social ills of the illegal racing by the youth at night and wee hours. Some of the racing activities resulted in gang attack and robbery. When will the activities be controlled by the police and the authorities, it has been there for a long solution?

Jalan Pahang is the main road from Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL city to Setapak, along the road located the General Hospital. There will be families of patients travelled along the road even at the wee hours. It is joined to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, a busy city area, even at night. Yet, the attack took place, which reflected the security situation is bad.

still remember the Ipoh boy fromTAR college, who was killed in Wangsa Maju.........has the case been solved?

Where has all the police gone? long time passing.........

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