Monday, March 2, 2009

Deleted data can come back

Still remember the case of the Hong Kong Actress, and recent case of a state assemblywoman, where their privacy was invaded by a third parties they trusted.

Just happen to read a newspaper report on the Star dated 24-2-2009. Deleted photo can come back and haunt you. Whatever photo or data deleted in the hand phone and your computer hard disc, the deleted data can still be restored by using a utility program. The data restoration program is easily available in the internet.

The report advised to reformat and demagnitise the storage mediums after data deletion as a precaution. But I read an article in the internet, reformating however is not a sure cure. The server providers may also keep records of the data, but they are subject to the legal protection of law.

So, what is privacy protection with the telecommunication mode of communication? So avoid taking private photo and restored in the electronic data storage device. There is no privacy protection law in our country, and if the very private data which are restricted for own usage, happen to be obtained by a wrong parties, it will be big problem for the owner.

The deleted data may come back one day and haunt you.


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