Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Perak State Assembly & Rain Tree

It was reported in the newspaper that the Perak state assembly was convened on 3-3-2009 , under a rain tree. This was an abnormal venue for a state assembly, but the environmentalists or green parties will be happy as the meeting was environmental friendly.

They said that Perak is a state with full blessing, with two Mentri Besar, two state government, with a very powerful state secretary; what a proud moment for Perak people. Perak make history in the democracy of national political history or may be even global records. I should have not leave Perak so early, as the action is just warming up.

It is the golden moment for the lawyers; not the politician. Perak politician has failed in the democracy process, it is the time for the lawyers to start the battle in the court house. The main loser is the taxpayer and the voters, the people in the street. Can we still trust the Westminster system?

Will the rain tree, which had witnessed the past democracy process in Ipoh since colonial time, laugh at the awful incident happen currently in the state. The rain tree is an old tree, it has seen the political changes in Perak. But this is the best show. Is democracy dead?

What is democracy? Democracy is a form of government in which power is held directly or indirectly by citizen under the free electorial system. The power of democratic government is from the people, but the development of politic in Perak, indicated that there is no respect on the wishes of the people. What is the wishes of the people in Perak? A survey conducted by Merdeka Centre on Feb 2009, reported 74% of the respondents feel that the state assembly should have dissolved after the defection of the 3 Pakatan assemblyman/woman. What is 74%? the majority of Perak people agreed for fresh mandate. Democracy is the government of majority citizen, not a single person, not a single political party.........What happen to our democracy?

Rain Tree, or also called monkeypod; scienctifically is called Albizia saman or Samanea saman, a type of leguminous tropical trees. The tree is tall and main attained the height of 80 feet, with a branch spread out of up to 100 feet. The flat topped trees are widely cultivated as a solid shade trees in the tropics. The leaves closed at night or when weather is cloudy or in darkness. The flower is small and pink in color, the dead leaves, which when fall down, it resemble the raining of flowers/leaves. May be that is the reason it was called Rain Tree. It was commonly planted as street trees in Penang, some planted during the colonial time, there are still few old rain trees along the Burma Road, Penang, near Penang Chinese Recreation Club. But some of the trees may have faced the fate of being chopped down by the local council.

I hope Perak politician will not faced the same fate as rain tree in Penang, when it no longer function as a shade tree or street tree. The said Rain tree, under which where the state assembly met, will rains for the Perak politic, will cry for the Perak state, and her leaves will close as this is the darkest moment for Perak politic....... Why it need to be happen?

The mandate should be revert to the people, to preserve the dignity of Westminster system and the democracy. Democracy is for the people, elected representatives is for the service of people, and for the good and betterment of the people. How good is the elected representatives in Perak ? For the good of Perak people?

Let people decide ...... and fresh mandate is required........Why are we sill waiting?

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