Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hours

Earth Hour today

What is Earth Hour? It is an international event organized by WWF(World Wildlife Fund), and it will be held on the last Saturday of March each year. For 2009, it will be on 28-3-2009 at 6.30p.m. at local time.. On the day, WWF requested all household and business to switch off all non-essential light and electrical appliances for One Hour. This is to raise the awareness of the need to take action against the Climate Change. The purpose of the event was not to save money or power, it is a symbolic event to create awareness.

The logo above is the official logo of Earth hour, copy right by WWF. It reflected the 60 miniutes required by the earth and the people of the world, give the earth an hour , it is only 60 minutes. You can do it, and I can do it,just 60 minutes tonight.

Earth Hour was conceived by WWF, Australia in 2007. Sydney was the sole participant in the first event at 2007. About 2.2 Million household and businesses switch off the unessential light and electricity at local time 7.30p.m.. Many other cities followed in 2008, 35countries and over 400 cities supported the Earth Hour,and about 50 Million switch off their light to support Earth Hour.

For 2009, 82 countries and more than 2100 cities has committed, including the United Nation Building in New York..

Visit the official website,, for more information

Earth hour is only an awareness event; action to save the earth need to start individually and not only for hour. Support the earth is like support our life, every hour counts. It is not only electricity or light, it include water, plastic usage, no car(support no car day), ….. to save the earth.

Hi all, let’s countdown to the Earth-Hour.

Why lights off, it is not only to save the Earth for global warming, but it is also very meaningful for people to realize the vanishing night and also the consequences of the light pollution, which has killed many birdlife and wildlife in the city, read the article of “vanishing night” from the National Geographic Nov 2008 Magazine, and you will understand how many birds have we (human) killed in a day or a month.

For people who still on the light while sleeping, as a report dated 5-12-2007 by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, an organization under UN World Health Organization(WHO), exposure to light at night disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body , which alter sleep activity patterns, suppress the production of Melatonin, which probably disrupts the timing of when genes switch on and off, one of the things that can trigger tumors.So the depressing Melatonin at night raise the risk of developing tumors. Melatonin is the hormone that is important for regulating our body clock, and is also a powerful antioxidant , and some study on animal show that it stop damage to DNA.(Ref:

What is Melatonin? It is homones produced by human body, pineal grand in the brain while sleep, the production however is inhibited by light and permitted by darkness. It is called the " Homones of Darkness".It is not only an antioxidant which help to fight cancer, but also may be positive to immune system. For a general knowledge of Melatonin,please visit

Let's light off for one hour, perhaps in the future, we should light off after sleep. It pay to sleep early, save light, save the earth, save our life.... produce melatonin....

Save the earth, save ourselves.

It begin tonight at 28-3-2009 @ 8.30p.m........Support the Earth Hour.


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  1. 这个动作很简单。。当天晚上我也响应了这个活动