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Kuala Sungei Pinang, Balik Pulau(浮罗双溪槟榔港口)

We reached Kuala Sungei Pinang( 双溪槟榔港口) late, after having great time eating durian at the orchard in Sg Pinang(west). It was sunset....the arch at the entrance of the village town welcome us, even it was a big late...

The bridge leading to the jetty

The fishing village town, unlike Sungei Pinang which is a Hakka town, the Kuala Sungei Pinang is a Teochew village.

The colorful fishing boats

It was low tide when we visited the jetty

The view towards the end of the river ,maybe to the sea

Another view of sunset at fishing village

Fishing boats

Fishing jetty

The stream behind the town

At the back of the shops

Small stream separate the town and jetty

SJKC Yu Chye(育才小学), a Chinese primary school, the school hall, normally used as badminton court

The main block of the school, motorbikes belong to the basketball players

The school sign in front of the school

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Kuala Sungei Pinang is a small fishing village town in Balik Pulau. It is located at the west side of Penang island, an off road P236 from the east of the road, Jalan Singei Rusa( from Balik Pulau to Sungei Pinang). The villagers are mainly fishermen.

There is no tourist attraction in Sungei Pinang, it is only a village towns, with a bridge leading to jetty. There is one Chinese primary school, SJKC Yu Chye, the school is big and modern, with a basketball court. Many youngsters are playing basketball when we visited the school. It is very comforting to see how a small fishing village is able to support a primary school of that size, which is even bigger than the school in Sungei Pinang town (west).

The Thean Hou Temple (天后宫)in Kuala Sg Pinang contributed finance to the SJKC Yu Chye, through the ice factory owned by the temple, all students of the school do not need to pay any fee , buy exercise books; as all these expenses are financed by the revenue from the ice factory. The temple was awarded 1990 Lim Lian Geok Award for their contribution to the school.

1990年第三届林连玉精神奖得主: 槟城浮罗山背双溪槟榔港口天后宫

获奖理由: 四十年如一日,承担着当地华小的一切发展费用,以及当地华小学生的一切学杂费,在普及教育、作育英才方面,为国家社会作出了贡献。

SJKC Yu Chye(浮罗双溪槟榔港口育才小学)



坐落在天后宫旁的冰厂(该小型冰厂是当地唯一的冰块供应 商),是双溪槟榔港口已故热心华教人士林镇坤及蔡金城捐献予天后宫的,彼等的愿望是在得到天后宫全体理事的保管下,将该冰厂每年所赚取的利润用在协助 育才小学逐步成长,同时也为就读该校的学生们承担所有的学费及考试费等,减轻家长的负担及确保后代的子孙们有机会接受启蒙的小学教育。他们二人的崇高精神 的确值得后人尊敬与学习。


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Here, we can hear the rhythm of the fishing village, watch the sunset at the jetty, observing the birds from nearby mangrove swamp. Villagers said there were also some fireflies nearby, but not many. A short eco-tour.....

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