Thursday, June 4, 2009

China in 1957

The first film by an American in China following the Communist victory in 1949. In 1957,after serving in the US Army at NATO Supreme Headquarters in Paris, Robert Carl Cohen was working for the Doctorate in Social Psychology at the Sorbonne when, defying the US State Department's "travel ban," he traveled across Siberia to film throughout China for NBC-TV. His reports were televised on the "Huntley News" & the "Today Show."

To know the China of yesterday and compared to China of today; the readers can see for themselves how the country has developed. Looking back, there were time of bitterness in their history like the Cultural Revolution;the Gang of Four era, China has wasted their time in history and delay in their development, it was the history of dark ages which many younger generation of today did not experienced; China has looked for yourselves, beginning from Robert Carl Cohen's film.... democracy is near, the younger generation has tasted the life of capitalism, they are more capitalist than American, the clock will not turn back... the clue is wait for the right timing to avoid drastic change as the interior China is still undeveloped,there were imbalance.....otherwise there will be chaos which many Chinese and global citizen do not want to see now, especially after the global financial crisis in 2008....China is no longer an island, she is now a global citizen which we must giver her the chance to play its rightful role in the world. To ignore China,is to ignore the world....

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