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The 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the world

(The world most dangerous road,Yungas Road, Bolivia. source:

The world most dangerous roads, according to are:-

The North Yungas Road, Bolivia: The road from Bolivia's main city, La Paz, to a region known as the Yungas was built by Paraguayan prisoners of war back in the 1930s. North Yungas Road or Bolivia’s Road of Death, which is 70 km and almost 3,600 meters down to narrow curves, is widely accepted as the most dangerous road in the world. The narrow road with the fog and vapours have taken many drivers’ lives.

BR-116, Brazil : The second longest road in Brazil, BR-116, runs from Porto Alegre through Curatiba and Sao Paulo, all the way to Rio de Janeiro.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China : The Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a high-elevation road between Chengdu and Tibet where landslides and rock avalanches are common.

Pan American Highway, Costa Rica: The Pan American Highway, a network of roads that stretches nearly 30,000 miles from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in North America to the lower reaches of South America, is the world's longest "motorable road," according to Guinness World Records.

Coastal Road, Croatia: Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic Sea

Cotopaxi Volcan ,Ecuador: Slightly south of capital city Quito, the Cotopaxi Volcan Road is a 25-mile span of treacherous dirt road that connects the Pan American Highway with Cotopaxi Volcan national park, which boasts the highest active volcano in Ecuador at 19,460 feet.

Luxor-Al Hurghada Road, Egypt: The road that links the ancient city of Luxor in southern Egypt and Hurghada, the regional hub for several scuba diving resorts on the Red Sea, is a death trap.

A44, UK Oxford to Aberystwyth: The A44 runs from Oxford to Aberystwyth. The two-lane road has tallied enough accident fatalities and serious injuries in recent years to earn the ignominious honor of having government surveillance cameras installed to deter speeding and otherwise encourage cautious driving. And on a road where more than 25% of crashes on are head-on collisions

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece:a small mountainous region in central Greece called Agrafa.

The grand trunk road, India to Afghanistan: The Grand Trunk Road was built in the 16th century to connect the major cities of India with those of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Some of the roads above, are tourism area; the dangerous areas are the most beautiful areas, so tourist and travelers, beware.

The video is from the National Geography, the most dangerous road in Bolivia. For the people going through the mountain road in the Andes, every trip is a hair raising roller coaster ride. It was the most dangerous road in the world

For details, please visit The National Geographic Channel:

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