Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visit to Durian Orchard, Balik Pulau

Today is father day; cousin BL Chan and our family visited the durian orchard at Sungei Pinang, Balik Pulau. The orchard owner is Mr Ho.

The Durian feast

The right way to open a durian

This mangosteen are reserved for eating after taken the durian, to cool down the heaty durian.

How happy when you eat durian

The high grade durian from Balik Pulau, name forgot

Before the Durian Feast

The host Mr Ho plucking ripe mogosteen for us. Purple Mogosteen or Garcinia mangostana is a tropical fruits. Some called it queen of the fruits, as it need to be taken after taken another tropical fruits, durian(King of the fruits). The mangosteen fruit is round shape, it is light green when young, but the color become darker in the process of ripening, from green , red , until it become dark purple.

Mogosteen is an aril, which is specialized outgrowth from the funiculus of the seed or attachment to the seed. The aril may create a fruit like structure or false fruit. The aril consists of 4-8 segments of white wedge like flesh. The flesh which is white in color, is sweet, juicy. On the bottom of the fruit, there is raised ridges, arrange like a spokes of wheels, correspond to the number of aril sections.

Look at the star like sign at the back of the fruits, it indicated how many aril segments the mangosteen has.

The white aril of mangosteen flesh. Picture not clear.

The gang tasting the freshly harvested mangosteen fruits

The task of plucking mangosteen fruits from the tree is completed

A small ripe mangostee, fresh from tree.

The mangosteen fruits arranged in the stage of ripeness. It begin with pale or light green fruit, slowly turning pinkish, and becoming red, purple and finally dark purple

Another view of fruit ripening process

This is the flesh or aril from the fruit, with middle stage of ripening, when the aril is red in color. It is called coconut meat aril, due to flesh is harder than ripe dark purple mangosteen.

A bag of mangosteen at various stage of ripeness

Yong mangosteen still in the tree, it is pale green in color.

The above pictures reflected the warm hospitality of the host,Mr Ho. He was plucking the mangosteen , when we arrived at the orchard. It is not easy task.

The winding road to the orchard, from Balik Pulau to Sungei Pinang.

The above pictures are taken at the orchards on the side of the winding road to our destination.Look at the string attached to the durian, it is to avoid the durian fall to the wrong place, which may damage the fruits or difficult to find.


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