Thursday, June 11, 2009

The kids from Anhui, rural China

It was in November 2005, 21 of the sponsors of the first child sponsorship project of Sin Chew Daily visited their students in Anhui, China. I was one of them, we personally visited the two rural schools and met the children we sponsored. The journey to the rural China, at the time when China was having rapid economic development, but the rural China was still poor and the children are finding difficulty to obtain finance to continue their study in schools. The project is similar to world vision project, provide some finance for the rural students so that they will complete their studies.

The project is now on, it has been continued since 2005,it is now the 4th year. In 2005, there were 1,000 sponsors, today it has increased in size of its sponsorship, and it has spread to other provinces and even started another project to Cambodia.

If you are interested in the sponsorship, please visit their web site,, and click on the Chinese wording 愛心助養中國兒童計劃








Until now I still fondly remember the kids in Anhui.......look at the photos posted in the blog, you will understand why....

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