Sunday, June 7, 2009

鸡肉菇 chicken meat mushroom

(source: credited to Sin Chiew Daily)

It was during grandma's funeral watch night, few friends were talking about old days in the village. The topic included durian and chicken meat mushroom(or kei-nyok-ku in Hakka). The most interesting topic was chicken meat mushroom(鸡肉菇 ), which grow in the wild. Two of the friends who grew up in Balik Pulau have tasted the mushroom, they said this is the best mushroom they ever taste. Wah, the way they told the story of how difficult is to find the type of mushroom, and the fantastic taste of the mushroom. The other interesting thing was they are both Hakka,and when they are talking in Hakka about the mushroom, I think most of the listeners at that time will have their saliva flowing out, if not swallow it.

I have never taste this type of mushroom,it would be good to know more about it; and one day we will taste the wonderful mushroom. My cousin BL, tried to search for more info of the mushroom in the net, and found one article in the Sin Chew Daily. BL said in his e-mail that Balik Pulau and Paya Terubong used to have the chicken meat mushroom, but now it has become rare.

It was reported by the said article dated 10-4-2009, that the mushroom was found in the estate in Triang(直涼), Pahang(彭亨), Malaysia. It is a small Hakka town. The mushroom is a spores bearing fungi, chicken meat mushroom is having a white cap with long stock. It was reported that the mushroom only grow up once or twice in a year. If there is any termite found in the estate, after a sunny rain, the mushroom will pop up. Normally the mushroom cannot keep too long after harvested, it need to be cook as soon as possible.

The mushroom can be fried simple without any ingredients(清炒), or with ginger, or ikan bilis, or lean meat. But most of the locals reported that the mushroom is sweet, it do not need any other ingredient to cook it. Out of 5 kilo of mushroom, when cooked only 1/2 kilo remained. It is because you need to remove the dirty outer layer, and part of the root.

For further details, please visit web site, 園坵突盛產雞肉菇‧直涼食客分享嚐鮮 on 2009-04-10 13:58

The following mushroom may have names related to the chicken meat mushroom;but it is of different types:

(i) Fried chicken mushroom or Lyophyllum Decastes, which is having a white convex cap which measure 1-5 inches across, it is umbrella shaped.The whitish stalk is 2-4 inches long.

(ii) Chicken Mushroom or Laetiporus sulfureus, L. cincinnatus; it is a polypores shaped like shelves. It consists of flat , fan-shaped , bright orange to salmon , overlapping caps 2-12 inches across.

I hope we will able to taste chicken meat mushroom(鸡肉菇 ) one day........

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