Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Where is Greenland?

The largest island in the world. The closest to the North Pole. It is near Canada , but politically close to Europe...they are the neighbor of Iceland.

Flag of Greenland , credited to Jeffrey Connell (IceKarma) on 2005-10-09

We may not hear much of Greenland, but we must aware of the place. The polar bears and the climate changes issues, Greenland will be the KVI, the indicator of how success is our global effort to resolve the problem. If the iceberg in Greenland is melting, the sea level will raise, the climate will change..... watch Greenland and love the earth now.....

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Greenland on 21-6-2009 gained self rule status from Denmark, closer to full independence. Denmark still control finances, foreign affairs and defense. It is an Arctic nation with only 57,000 people. The island is with the total area of 2.2million square kilometers. It is the colony of Denmark. It become part of kingdom of Denmark in 1953. The people has lobbied for full independence in 2021. But half of its national budget is contributed by Denmark, some doubt its capability to gain independence financially.

Greenland has population of 57,564(2008). The majority, 88% are Inuit or mixed Danish and Inuit. The remaining 12% are European of mainly Danish descent. The people are mainly Evangelical Lutheran. Inuit is a group of culturally similar indigenous people in Arctic region of Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. Their language is grouped under Eskimo-Aleut languages.

Congratulation, Happy self rule , to Greenland...

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