Saturday, June 27, 2009

There are two hill top restaurants in Balik Pulau area, one is the famous Genting Thaifood restaurant, another is the Siang Seng Seafood Restaurant.

Siang Seng Seafood Restaurant

Siang Seng Seafood Restaurant was located at the hill top along the road from Paya Terubong/Relau to Balik Pulau. It was owned by new operator, Mr Chew Han Seng. We were told by friends that the food there was expensive, mainly due to high rental paid for the location. That was when the restaurant operated by the previous operator.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the restaurant was full with all tables occupied, may be due to the week end and durian season in Balik Pulau. Due to the full day trip in Balik Pulau, we intended to have dinner at Balik Pulau, the seafood restaurant at Pantai Acheh was too far, the famous Balik Pulau Laksa has closed, the only alternative was to try this hill top restaurant. We just ordered simple family dishes, nothing special , as we were full with Balik Pulau durians.

You can have a beautiful night view of Balik Pilau, when the whole town and villages are with the light on.

The price was found to be reasonable.....but sad to say I did not take any picture of the restaurant and its surrounding, it was late at night.....only two photo was posted here.

Bukit Genting Thai Restaurant

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The other restaurant is Bukit Genting Thai Restaurant. Bukit Genting is located along the old winding coastal road Jalan Teluk Kumbar(Route 6) , from Teluk Kumbar to Balik Pulau. You can start your journey from Bayan Lepas(Jalan Bayan Lepas, route 6 ), which lead to Jalan Teluk Kumbar. The restaurant serve Thai food. The view from the hill top restaurant is beautiful, especially the sunset with the background of Strait of Malacca. But the trip to the restaurant is very thrilling, you nee to go uphill, and the trip coming down after full meal is much more nerve wrecking. Make sure your car is in top shape......

The video upload from youtube will show you the Bukit Genting, see for yourself in youtube...

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