Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sungei Pinang, Balik Pulau (雙溪檳榔)

This small town is named after Sungei Pinang(雙溪檳榔), literally means Penang River in Malay language. This Sungei Pinang, which is a village town, is different from Sungei Pinang in the Georgetown,near Jelutong. Sungei Pinang(west) is a small village town located at the junction between the Jalan Sungai Rusa of Balik Pulau town(which is the district capital of South West Penang Island district or Daerah Barat Daya) and Jalan Teluk Bahang, of Teluk Bahang. There are two exit road on the left , P236 to Kuala Sungei Pinang, and P243 to Pantai Acheh.

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Small stream, Sungei Pinang? Is this the river the pioneer Hakka used ?

The basketball court in the school

The Chinese primary school( 新民小学)in Sungei Pinang, found in 1920.

The Sungei Pinang town, with one main road

The road from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang. On the left is the Sg Pinang town.

Sungei Pinang is a Hakka town, out of 2,000 residents about 90% are Hakka. But the shophouses in the village town are owned by Penang Teochew Association. Noted Hakka is considered Chaozhou or Teochew district people, and are allowed to join the Penang Teochew Association, there was no Hakka Association in the past. Most of the residents here are farmer, orchard owner, nutmeg and other spices planters ,durian planters. The pioneer Hakka to Balik Pulau area first landed in Sungei Pinang, they came by boat. It was reported they were the followers of Taiping Rebellion in China, who escaped after collapsed of their Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Sungei Pinang is a historical town for Penang Hakka. But it is difficult to trace the early landing place( near the river )of the early Hakka now.


  1. Dear Raymond,
    Hi, a very good day to you. My name is Dr Irene Looi. I am a doctor in Hospital Pulau Pinang. I am actually thinking of doing a survey on the disease pattern of the people of Sungai Pinang , Balik Pulau. I searched widely and came upon your site and it is so informative!

    Just a question, where do you get all the information on the population? From the local Jabatan Pendaftaran?

    Thank you.

    Dr Looi

  2. The statistic of population can be obtained from the web site of district office, but may not be the latest as some district office did not update their data in the website, or for the latest figure, please go for the statistic department , they will be able to help you. Visit their website first,

  3. Dr Looi, my figure is only rough estimate.If you cannot obtain the data from the website, you can call their office. Sometime they are helpful to e-mail u the data.

    (i)Department Of Statistics Malaysia
    Block C6, Complex C,
    Federal Government Administrative Centre,
    62514 Putrajaya.
    Tel: 03-8885 7000
    Fax: 03-8888 9248
    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    (ii)Pejabat Daerah & Tanah Daerah Barat Daya Tick latar belakang under Profail Daerah icon.

    Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Barat Daya
    Daerah Barat Daya
    11000 Balik Pulau
    Pulau Pinang.
    Tel : 04-8691104 / 8691105
    Faks : 04-8661593

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