Sunday, June 28, 2009


The rembutan fresh

The green rambutan, not ripe

The rambutan tree in the orchard,in front of the durian tree. Photo was taken at Bukit Genting , Balik Pulau.

The rambutan tree in front of the garden of a Malay village house on the way to Pulau Betong, BalikPulau.

The rambutans bought from the market place

The yellow(on the stage of becoming red, not the yellow species) and red rambutans

Rambutan or Nephelium lappaceum, is another type of tropical fruits popular in Malaysia, Thailand , Indonesia, and other parts of South East Asia. Rambutan is literally means hairy in Malay language. The tree is small, the fruits are round to oval shape, hairy, it is green color and turning, yellow and finally red when ripe. However there is one species with yellow color when ripe. The fruits flesh is white in color, translucent, and with sweet taste. It is the cousin of Lychee and Logan. Recently, Australia and Hawaii also produced rambutans.

Like durian, rambutans are sold by the fruits stalls in market, road side stalls, and near the orchard. It is sold together with other tropical fruits, durian and mangosteen.

There is another type of rambutan, which is the orang asli rambutan, the hair and skin is thicker. It was originally found in the jungle, but recently you can found it in the market.

韶子(学名:Nephelium lappaceum),又称红毛丹(Rambutan),为东南亚原产之无患子科大型热带果树。成熟的毛丹果并非都是红色的,也有黄色的果子。有的红毛丹的核的大小近似于芝麻。红毛丹的味道类似于荔枝。红毛丹在中国种植面积较少,目前全中国只有海南岛保亭三亚种植较大面积的红毛丹(source:

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