Monday, June 29, 2009

Home stay in Balik Pulau(果园渡假屋)

Where is the place in Balik Pulau,you can escape from stress of the city, or where your children can discover the childhood of their parents? These are the place, and Balik Pulau is on the way for a home stay program in their tourism map....

Bukit Genting Durian Orchard Home Stay

Lansium domesticum or Langsat trees, fruits not ripe yet

Home Stay at Durian Orchard at Ginting(文丁)

It is difficult to obtain information on the home stay program in Balik Pulau.


  1. Interesting Place, can I have the contact to book? Thank you

  2. Please visit web site, the contact is there. Please contact Mr Raymond Tan, owner of furniture shop at Balik Pulau.

    I hope it help.