Thursday, June 11, 2009

川藏路 Sichuan-Tibet Highway


Sichuan - Tibet Highway(川藏路) is the 3rd most dangerous roads in the world. It was originally called Kangding-Tibet Highway(康藏路). It starts at Chengdu(成都) of Sichuan(四川) on the east and ends at Lhasa(拉萨) of Tibet(西藏自治区) on the west. It is 2,415 km long,with 1,304 km in Tibet. The highway was open on 25-12-1954, at the north line at Lhasa.The south line was completed in 1969.

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway divided into southern route and northern route at Kangding(康定).The town famous for the Chinese folk song " Kangding love song(康定情歌)".

The southern line which started from Chengdu-Kangding-Litang(理塘)-Daocheng(稻城县)-Yading(亚丁)-Batang(巴塘)-Zuogong-Bangda(邦达)-Basu(八宿)-Ranwu-Bomi(波密)-Nyingchi(林芝)-Tsedang-Lhasa(拉萨); take about 15 Days to complete. The southern route is 2,149 km long, passing 4,700 metre high Litang. Southern route is the most popular to enter tibet, since it is the shortest and with lower altitude.(refer to orange route in the map).

The northern line which started from Chengdu-Yaan(雅安)-Kangding(康定)-Tagong-Danba -Bamei-Daofu-Luhuo-Ganzi(甘孜镇)-Dege(德格)-Jiangda-Chamdo(昌都)-Bangda(邦达)-Ranwu-Bomi(波密)-Nyingchi(林芝)-Lhasa(拉萨), take about 14 Days. It is 2,412 km long with 6,168 meter high Quershan Mountain as the peak.(refer to green route in the map)

Northern and Southern routes linked up again in Bangda(邦达),then continue to Basu(八宿), Bomi(波密), Nyingchi(林芝), and to Lhasa(拉萨).

A song of the latest album from the newly emerged pop singer from Tibet, China. His name is Zhaxi Dunzhu(扎西顿珠). Not bad, singing the song about the Sichuan-Tibet Road(川藏路).

I love the song, how about you. His official web is :, if you want to know more about him.

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