Monday, June 15, 2009

Penang Street Food

Hey, that is my home,Penang.... that is the food I am familiar....many Penang people ate and eat all their life, from generation to generation....Penang street food...


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  2. Remember the Laksa, Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak, Aiyooo,yum yum, soon we will be home again...

  3. Thank you for such great blogs Raymond, I am from Penang too, 20 years already left Penang, but I still love the people, the food, the atmosphere, where everyone talks in Hokkien there, ah, your blog brings back memory as a child, thanks again!!

  4. Ai Lin,

    I left Penang for more than 20 years, but the memory of Penang was very strong. When I am away from Penang, there was little info from Penang. I hope my little blog will keep old Penangites keep in touch on Penang.

    Love Penang, Penang is slowing loosing its past, it will not return when we do not take care of our heritage.......

    Glad that you enjoy it.

  5. Dear Raymond,

    Thank you for all the durians photos & update, last trip we were home No durian!!! My UK uncle likes your blog too. Penang is a hidden treasure! Thank you for your wonderful sharing, keep posting....Best wishes, Ai Lin