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Lorong Susu(牛奶巷)

Lorong Susu(牛奶巷)

Lorong Susu, literally mean Milk Lane in Malay Language. It is located off Macalister Road. Between Irving Road and Macalister Road. There are 5 street food stalls at the right side of the road, from Macalister Road, just beside Dr Sun Yat-sen memorial house(20, Lorong Susu). You can see the Durian stall at the right junction. It is also beside the Dim Sum restaurant ,which is on the left at Macalister Road. The name of the lane is Lorong Susu, which literally means Milk Lane, but I don't see anything related to milk here. May be someone should open a milk store here.....

Restoran First Famous Federal@ 3, Lorong Susu

The shop located at 3, Lorong Susu is one of the popular chicken/duck rice shop. During the lunch time this place is normally packed. Some called this place Datuk chicken rice, because there is a photo showing the owner, Eddie received his PJM award from the Governor of Penang.

The chicken/duck rice , char siew, sio-bak(roast pork) are equally good.It served with specially make chilly sauce.

The soup provided free is sour and hot. Kau sooi, kau dua...

Address: 3, Lorong Susu, Pulau Pinang.
Opening hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm (Closed on Monday)
Contact person: Mr. Eddie Chan
Tel: 014-4545847

Map of Lorong Susu

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The 5 stalls are:

1. Ah Teik Durian and fruits stall - many tourists patronizing the stalls, especially for durian.
2. Drink stall - serving coffee and other drinks
3. Koay Teow Th'ng Stall - Someone provide the list of top 10 Koay Teow Th'ng stall in Penang. The stall is in the list. My wife rank it top 2 of the list.
4. Bachang or rice dumpling stall - also sell yam cake and red bean soup. The stall is related to Cintra Street stall,they are brothers.
5. Mamak Roti Chanai Stall - some said one of the best in Penang. It also served other food.

Business start around 2p.m. to 5p.m.

Ah Teik Durian Stall, at the junction of Macalister Road/Lorong Susu

The row of street food stalls at the right of the road,just beside the Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial house. The front stall is Koay Teow Th'ng stall, the owner is standing behing the stall. The last stall is the Mamak stall.

The mamak stall selling Roti Canai, and "teh tarik"(literally mean pull tea). Tea is sweetened using condensed milk, and is prepared using out-stretched hands to pour piping hot tea from a mug into a waiting glass, repetitively. The higher the "pull", the thicker the froth. The "pulling" of tea also has the effect of cooling down the tea. Teh tarik is an art form in itself and watching the tea streaming back and forth into the glass/mug can be quite captivating.

Roti Canai(pronounced as Ro-ti Cha-nai). It is a flat bread,it may be plain flour bread, or with eggs, and it is served with dal or dhal(lentil curry)or with fish, mutton,beef, chicken and even mixed curry.

The lentil curry or dal(dhal)

The serving, roti canai and dal. The dal of this stall is special, with ikan bilis.

The view of the hawker row. The front view is the drink stall, and the stall behind is the fruit stall at the junction of Macalister Road/Lorong Susu.

Koay teow th'ng - flat white noodles soup , with duck meat, fish ball. One of the best in Penang

Boiling soup

Preparing the food

You need to sit here, at the side of the road

Yam cake

Rice dumpling or bachang

Bachang stall, hardworking couple.

The side of Dr Sun Yat-sen memorial house

Another side view of Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial house

Stand alone double storey house

The chicken and duck rice shop at no 3, Lorong Susu.

The view of the road with the row of shop houses. The tall building behind is Penang UMNO building

Another view of the road

The newly renovated shop houses

The shop houses are ready for rental, RM2,000 per month. Anyone?

The view toward the Penang UMNO building

One of the old bungalow house,which is now used for commercial purpose

The tall building behind is KOMTAR building

View toward Irving Road, from Lorong Susu

Other than you need to eat under the sun, above the covered drain. It is rather uncomfortable during the day, but the food here is good.

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