Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abwoon D'Bashmaya - The Lords Prayer in Aramaic

After reading all the unpleasant happenings from Central Asia to WW2 in China. My heart was heavy...... it need time to settle down. This Aramaic prayer provide comfort. It provide hope, and pray that there will be peace in the world.

In the Aramaic Song:

In the movie:

In Assyrian Aramaic Language:
Lord's prayer in Assyrian
This is the Aramiac "Assyrian" Prayer of the Lord "Our Father" Hymned throughout the world in every Assyrian church during mass. The Assyrians have preserved the language of christ for two thousand years and the Assyrian Church of the east still conducts the mass in Aramiac

In Ancient Aramaic:
A phrase by phrase rendition of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic similar to its original form as prayed by Jesus.

May we found PEACE in our soul through the prayer in Aramaic language......

Abun d-b-shrnayya
Tethe malkuthakh
Nehweh sebyanakh
Aykanna d-ba-shrnayya
Aph al-ar-a

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