Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The yellow fruits

I do not know what is the name of this fruit. The tree is tall and big, the fruit is round and yellow in colour. We called it "basitan". I do not know what is its actual name. It is now rare in the market.

We used to buy it in school canteen during our school days. We will have competition to see how hard is the fruit, one fruit is use to hit another fruit, the one who has his fruit open after the hit will be the loser. The children now do not know this fruit. I purposely bought the fruits for my daughter to see, and took her to the site where the tall fruit tree stand. The tree is planted at the compound of one attap house located in a Chinese village at Relau.

The skin is thick and tasteless, but the seeds with its white flesh is sweet.

We use to eat the skin with salt or dark soy sauce with cut chilly.

Many younger generation in Malaysia, especially in urban area, may not know the fruits; it may not be popular now.

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