Wednesday, August 5, 2009

世上只有媽媽好(Mother's love is the best)

This is the song, that many Chinese in the world, has sung during their life. It is the song that we sing during mother day for our beloved mother. Despite some of us have go through process of aging , the song still linger in our heart. It is a touching song, and it is simple praising of the mother, related closely to our heart. It is evergreen song, like the love of a mother......

The original singer of the song is Xiao Fong Fong(蕭芳芳), an award winning actress, now with hearing impairment; but still active in the social work in Hong Kong for the abused children. She is not only good in singing, she is a good actress, and has a beautiful heart.

Josephine Siao Fong-Fong MBE is a Hong Kong movie star who became popular as a child and continued her success as a mature actress, winning numerous awards including best actress at the 1995 Berlin Film Festival. Since retiring from show business she has become a writer and a psychologist, known for her work against child abuse.

Whenever you sing this song with the children, please remind your children the name of the original singer, who is a good example for the children in their early life, she is also a overcomer, despite her hearing impairment, she prevail......

I can shared her feeling and challenges she faced in her life, because I am also hearing impaired......

Best wishes to Xiao Fong-fong, may God bless her , and her social work....


作詞:李雋青  作曲:劉宏遠  原唱:蕭芳芳(最原裝版本)

投進媽媽的懷抱 幸福享不了

離開媽媽的懷抱 幸福哪裡找?

要是他知道 夢裡也會笑

要是他知道 夢裡也會笑。

英文名:Josephine Siao / Xiao Fang Fang (1947-3-13-)




The song has been an inspiration for the victim family of Sichuan earthquakes in China.

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