Saturday, August 8, 2009

Halaman Ariffin

Halaman Ariffin, the side lane of Burma Road. Halaman is Malay language for court, Ariffin is the name of a person, in English it is Ariffin Court. It is a short lane. It is actually located behind Penang Road,near the junction of Penang Road/Burma Road. It is the first side lane of Burma Road from Penang Road, the 2nd lane is Macalister Lane. It lead to dead end. There is one row of shop houses on the left, and motor work shop on the right. Nothing heritage about the lane, a lane most people will ignore.....

The view from Burma Road

The view of shop houses at the left. The tall building behind is the KOMTAR building.

This is the side view of the shop house, where the front portion is facing Burma Road. There is a coffee stall at the five foot way.

The cars parked at the right side of the road.

The rear part of the shop house, where the front is at Lorong Macalister.

This is one of the abandoned wooden house, at the left junction of Burma Road. It is used by an Indian coffee stall.

One of the shop house

The workshop

The view of the shop houses from the end of the road(lane)

The corner shop house at the end of the lane, the side lead to an alley.I saw a foreigner walked into the alley, but I did not explore the alley.

The name of the side Burma Road is Halaman Ariffin. Few Penang people will know the side lane, don't talk about going to the lane.

The dead end of the lane, which on left lead to one alley.


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