Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Malaysian?

What is one Malaysian?

I am a Malaysian for 47 years since 1963; and 53 years after 1957.

I never know of One Malaysian. I have know only multi Malaysian, different Malaysian.

It is not our way of life ..... we are different from different background.

They have tell us, from politician; times and times; we are different.

How can we be ONE; I am yellow,you are brown, and he is black;

unless we are colour blinded....

Even the highest authority in the country, did not believe in it;

look at the special officer of the authority;

he speak the true, we are different....

After the election, we are more than one;

your are opposition, I am government,

No allocation for opposition MP,

we are not one people....from the action.

How can we be one, which means one heart,

We do not even communicate within the party,

Look at all the political parties, they are not in one heart...

What one heart, YB?

One heart is serving the people, regardless of opposition or government.

One heart means united as one after election...

One heart means you as ruling party, respect the people's mandate;

One heart means you respect your opponent and give him the opportunity to complete its term,

One heart means you allocated fund for the opposition to carry his job as representative of the people,

One heart means for the betterment of your nation and people.

One heart means do not hurt the feeling of the people,

One heart means do not hurt the economy of the nation,

One heart means do no hurt the image of nation.

Looking at what happen to the country,

Government and opposition, are playing politic,

They are equally to be blame, not the people.

The conclusion, we have no heart; how to be one Malaysian?....

Fed up; the acting politician;

you have failed the biggest KPI, the people.

You have failed the test of democracy....

At the end , because of you, politician;

we forgot we are Malaysian,

we forgot 1957.....

Merdeka.....merdeka... free from politician.

May be we can only be One Malaysian, when there is no politician.

From the silence majority

c.c. The sleeping majority

c.c. The opportunists

c.c. The Hot Head

c.c. The narrow minded

Note: Please open your big eyes when elected your representative, without fear or favor.

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