Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haiti: He survived, but can people survive?

Man may have been in rubble 27 days

A rice vendor may have lived under the rubble of a Haitian flea market for 27 days with little more than water and possibly fruit, a doctor said Feb. 9, 2010.

The survivor is Evan Muncie/Evans Moussignac who was selling rice at the market when the earthquake occurred. The doctors said that he is dehydrated and undernourished.

It remains unknown how he could have survived for 27 days, but doctors said he probably sustained himself on provisions from the toppled market where he was found. Medical staff attending to Monsigrace believed the man survived for 27 days after being trapped in the ruins of a marketplace since the January 12 earthquake but the facts remained unclear as Monsigrace appeared to be suffering from hallucinations.(Note: Hallucination: A profound distortion in a person's perception of reality, typically accompanied by a powerful sense of reality. An hallucination may be a sensory experience in which a person can see, hear, smell, taste, or feel something that is not there)

Doctors said Evans, 28, was severely dehydrated and had suffered cuts and scratches, but had not suffered any crush wounds or other traumatic injuries.

Meanwhile, Muncie has been able to say that person dressed in white has been giving him water every day since he was rescued and his mother thanked God because his son is alive.

Whatsoever the reason, he survived 27 days....

Can Haiti people survive after the earthquake?

The most worry is for other Haitians, the country need 10 years to recover the poorest nation in America. Can these people survive, with what happening in Haiti, the public disorder, and security instability. It seems even the UN police forces are not able to control the situation. There are gross phenomenon of total disrespect of human right by people themselves, and disrespect of public order. This will be the main obstacle for Haiti's recovery. Without stability and public order, it is difficult to build the nation.

If the chaotic situation is to continue, can the people survive? can the nation survive?

Mental Revolution

Haitian need a mental revolution; to forget the past ways of living, and to build a peaceful and orderly country, respect of law and human value. The human right violation from the people themselves, which promote criminal environment to continue even despite of natural disaster and human suffering. Haitian people need to change, for Haiti to survive.....

Haiti need to take a step of faith and trust; do a little soul searching; what type of the country they want in future? With the future model they want, with one heart and build the new nation, a reborn nation totally different from the previous nation. No more Kidnap capital,no more the poorest nation, no more violence and killing own people..... A nation that the Hatian will be proud....

All Haitian need a mental revolution, first to change oneself to respect public order; then contribute to the beloved nation by his own individual way, the nation will be build with one heart. Haiti will be like Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, China....and others who have build up their nations after long human suffering of wars, political mistakes, and natural disasters.

A little earthquake in our heart
We need a little earthquake in our heart, to wake us up; what we have done for our country; what we should do for the future after the earthquake. A little revival on their spirit and love for fellow human being and their right.... Yes, a little earthquake in our heart....

Haiti can do it.....Haiti can stand up; provide they make the change...with one heart.

We pray for you,Haiti; for that little earthquake in the heart of your people; a step of faith; and a strong courage to change Haiti for better.....

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