Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There is no pure race

Han are the majority ethic race in China.

What is called "pure Han"?

People from State of Wu, State of Yue and State of Chu were not "Zhongyuan ren". Even ancient people from Shangdong were known as Dongyi. Han-Chinese was formed by the combination of many races after the Han Dynasty. Pure Han or "Zhongyuan ren" are actually from the north, but due to wars, civil wars, and some other happenings, the "Zhongyuan ren" started to move south searching for new life. The south people like Fujian, Chaozhou, Cantonese, and later Hakka arrived in the south. Initially there were conflict with the local natives,but gradually the local natives and the new comers were accepted the reality to coexist in the land. There were cultural interaction, there were adaptation, and later adoption, and even integration and assimilation. Some of the natives gradually disappeared and assimilated to Han race; others moved south to the Vietnam and South East Asia. Therefore, the south people are nolonger pure Han , but mixed race. Pure Han or "Zhongyuan ren" also begin to differentiate due to the time they came to the south; first Fujian ren in Fujian Province; then Cantonese in Kwangdong province, then Chaozhou in Kwangdong, who migrated from Fujian Province, and finally Hakka who were the latest migrated from the north, either through Jiangxi or Fujian Province. Cantonese are indeed Han-Chinese, but DNA testing will revealed some blood of tribal natives, and even Vietnamese. It is same with Chaozhou, Fujian, people. The Hakka retained more traits of "Zhongyuan ren", because they are the latest to migrate to the south, but pure Han will not be found, as there will be some mix blood in their DNA. It was reported that Cantonese is 60% ZHUANG ancestry.

Some north Han always claimed they are more "pure Han", as they still remain in the north; the home of Pure Han or "Zhongyuan ren"; but it is not true, the invasion of the nomad tribes from the north of Great Wall, the fall of Han dynasty to Mongol Yuan Dynasty, and Manchurian Qing Dynasty, revealed more racial and cultural interaction and intermarriage. The border of northern frontiers, the coastal frontiers, where there were frequent wars; the interaction and inter-racial assimilation and integration continued, and they are more multiracial than the south.

So, North Han or South Han ; or Han from anywhere; they are racially mixed, and no pure Han existed. Han is merely we are descendant of once the great Han dynasty from China, the descendant of "Zhongyuan ren". But our blood may contained minor traces of the original Han, and more of the minorities or natives. We have to accept the reality.

Han today is political identification for a race; which have been assimilated and integrated for thousand years, and evolved as a race called Modern Han, just for identification, once we were Han from the north, "Zhongyuan ren". But we are no longer the master Han or pure Han, no longer same as the original Han.

The process of assimilation was genetically advantages than the closed community; the inclusion of all race traits and their superiority gene in diversified races, evolved into genetically stronger racial group to cope with changing environments. That will be the same for other races, especially the early civilization, they survived thousands of years because the racial group is able to adapt to changes in their living environment, and they prevails. The pure race and exclusively enclosed civilization or racial community will be lost in history....as they will need to marry among closer relatives, especially if they are small community, difficult to cope with natural disasters, and become genetically weaker until the last of their days.

So do not call yourself a Super Han; Master Han; Supreme Han or even privilege Han; they are all nonsense, you are just a normal mixed Han. No different from other race, you may even found a human from other race having the same genetic content with your DNA, but called other names...may be Michael Jackson is resemble of you genetically?....Do not believed, remember the tribes that moved south,the Vietnamese(they once live in Kwangdong and north, may have Han trace of DNA, or the Korean or Japanese may have Han traces....

Burma(Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, Indonesia, India, China, Korea,Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, .....and all the nations today, the names are country names for national identification. There is no ethnic group by the name. Even the ethnic group of the modern nation, there is no pure race, unless your ethnic group are still primitive with no social interaction with other ethnic group. You may be wrongly misled by the rulers to belong to one ethnic group when actually you are from other weaker or mixed ethnic group, all because of hidden agenda of political control and power to rule. You ruler may not have the same ethnic group with you, they may be from the foreign ethnic group or minority ethnic group or mixed ethnic group. Actually your ethnic group was the national identity in ancient tribal war or chiefdom, or kingdom war periods, nations without clear border, or even may be a new race created for political agenda in modern time.............

Do not believe, go for DNA Testing; you may found that clue....and the news from China Daily on 8-2-2010 will tell you, we should not be racist, as we are all mixed race, all including non-Han. Black,White, Yellow, Brown; are all mixed race, there is no pure race in the modern world, otherwise he is isolated in a primitive world and their race will be declining to a handful....

Pure race, master race, privilege race, are all political tools of the rulers; for controlling their people,as the ruler will be the purest of the pure race.....and he control everything including their racial group activities.

Recent news from Andaman Islands. Boa Sr, the last speaker of the ancient language Bo, died in early February 2010. May be she is the last pure race, who once lived in isolated islands in Indian Ocean.....

So racial discrimination; racial policies; master race; are all the action and policies of the narrow minded people and especially politician; thinking that they are the purest of all races, the master of all races. Then they must migrated to Andaman Islands to start a new world.....because they are rare human species, we need to maintain them for research purpose.

Pure-blood Chinese Han ethnicity vanishes

Han Chinese, long-held as the country's ethnic majority, may turn out to be a false proposition as a latest ethnology finding said its pure-blood people completely vanished into the racial mixes, People.com.cn reported Monday.

Han Chinese characteristics couldn't even be traced in DNA tests, the news report said.

"The non-existence of pure-blood Han ethnic people resulted from centuries of mass migrations as well as racial integrations," said ethnologist Xie Xiaodong, associate professor with Lanzhou University's Life Science Department.

"Han ethnic group is simply a concept based in certain regions in history, thus lacking definite characterization," Xie added.

Ethnic Han ancestry traces back to the ancient Chinese living in the central plains along the Yellow River in northern China, including Henan province and some areas in southern Shanxi, western Jiangsu and northwest Anhui provinces nowadays.

Source: Chinadaily.com

So Jews and Palestine are cousins, Persian and Arabs, Hans and Tibetans, Japanese and Korean, Indian and Pakistanis, Red Indians, Africans, Arabs, Malays, Europeans; all are equal and once upon the time are brothers. The Chinese has an old saying " all man are brothers"...what is the point of be racist(racial differences), nationalism(territorial differences or border differences), or even religion difference, ideology difference ; and going to wars because of these differences? a waste of time and resources....we are the world, we are brothers.....why fight each others, when your own habitats are facing problems....

If Obama is to sell arms for war, then check his DNA; why encourage war to kill your brothers? Are you the pure and master race that control the world? Nobody and country has the right to kill the fellow human race. American is only national identity, there is no pure race.....or master race, and no privileged country or race....ultimately it is all political decision to control the other races....nations....the ugly human heart.

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