Monday, October 17, 2011


I was in Kuantan for more than 20 years

A peaceful place to stay

Until one day they start built chemical factories

and now rare earth related....

Remember the rare earth in Bukit Merah, sometime ago,

Mishibishi is quietly cleaning up, even until now...

Now the Lynas from Australia,

who is going to clean up next time?....

We may not know what is radioactive,

But we know the harmful effect,

just look at the rare earth mining in China,

and look back at recent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster,

they also tell them not to worry when they built,

But the worry come in 2011....

They say that is difference between atomic plant, rare earth plant,

We do not know the difference,

but we cannot trust radioactive things,

no matter what they say, they would not be there if thing happen...

but the residents will be there...

We just want simple living in peace,

yet they come,

they break our dream...

.... and now Mitsubishi is 10% owner of Lynas....


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