Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who is behind you?...

Footage of two New Zealand women using a hidden camera to catch men(and woman too) leering at their behinds has gone viral on the Internet, attracting more than a million hits in three days. As on today it had been viewed 3,780,195 times...

New Zealanders Jessie Gurunathan and Reanin Johannink rigged up a camera to covertly record men's reactions as they walked the streets of Los Angeles, posting the resulting footage on video-sharing site YouTube.

"If you've ever wondered what goes on behind your back, we've figured out a way to bust people, so checkout ass-cam,"

(source: yahoo,

This is what Jessie & Reanin posted:

We are Jessie & Reanin. Our hidden camera will show you fellas and ladies how sly you aren't.

Find us on Twitter:

Is this for real? Yes.
Can I have your number? No.
What's that song? Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank
Will you be do another video in my town? Maybe. Hit us up on twitter.
What kind of accent is that? We are Kiwis (New Zealanders), sexy right?
Are you single? For you? no.

One of the comment said "Maybe all the people are looking because there is a freaking cam sticking out of her ass.....".

It may be unthinkable to some people, especially the Generation x(1960 and 1979), their parent's generation; or the Baby boomers(1946 and 1959), their grandparent's generation. To the Silent generation(1925–1945), it is unheard of, the generation of their grand-grand parents.

It is popular culture or pop culture, that is how the way they become popular instantly and famous by using internet technology....they become popular like American Idol...

The video can be viewed at

It is funny and "fanny" isn't it?, a facebook can start or fan a revolution in our modern world recently; and an ass cam can fan the popularity of a person in the world, thanks to youtube. The products of IT technology and popular culture(or pop culture)....of Generation y.

What's the world.....

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