Sunday, February 13, 2011

Peace return to Cairo

Peace has returned to Cairo, it is the victory for the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people has been fighting hard for their country, for the democracy of their country, for freedom, and the human right of people. It make history as Facebook revolution, where the people over the world has seen the power of social media, facebook create an impact on the heart of people, which become contagion and evolved into a people movement. A history where the world will remember...

Political analyst Diaa Rashwan at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. "They searched for their freedom and now they have it." " Now, it's time for phase two, he adds: "Building a new regime. Who are the possible candidates?

A free election to choose their own government is the priority.

And the Egyptian people need to open their eyes carefully to choose a candidate that really love Egypt , love democracy, love people, respect human right. otherwise, the fruit of the famous Egypt Uprising will be robbed by a wolf from somewhere with the name of democracy, but is actually demon go rob the fruit of the uprising....they may be with the name of religion, human right, democracy, social reform, or.....many political platform they can use.....another dictator will possibly come up later....

Will the real democracy come to Egypt? the climax is over, but there are work to be continue, Egyptian people still have to be aware and alert for politician wearing the clothing of democracy but actually a opportunist or puppet for certain power group, be it form the West or Arab bloc. The effort of people uprising must be for the benefits of the people, the Egyptian, who has make history....The majority has stand up and voiced their desire for a better Egypt, let the politician(minority) follow the people, the majority.....that is real democracy.

Salute to the youth of Egypt, they are the future of Egypt; who will transform Egypt to a great country like it once was......

The rainbow has not come, Egyptian people is still need to be alert...

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