Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obama's delemma in Egypt Uprising

USA is always promoted themselves as democracy champion, Human right champion. But when the Egyptian people called for the help from the democracy champion, President Obama was undecided, he was in dilemma what to do. May be he is waiting for his strategists to come up with the SWOT analysis, what is the benefit for the change in government. That is the hidden agenda for whatever USA done. What is the benefit to the USA? that is the ultimate agenda of their foreign policy. Not democracy, not human right. There are no standard, it is the benefits that count.

If you are the champion of democracy, the champion of human right; you will act promptly regardless of races,religion, location. You should support the people for their choice of government, it is their country, not your country. You should support them as human right advocate, regardless of religion, race or location. The issue is democracy, human right and it affect the people, the neighbor, the world ; not what USA benefit from the change. If you are true champion of democracy, you decided on the basis. USA have all his right and liberty to think for themselves, but please do not portray as world champion of democracy...you are like any country, the benefit of the country come first; so why double standard and use own standard to judge others?.....

May be USA was worried about Muslim Brotherhood as future ruler, but Nobel laureate Mohamad ElBaradei insists that "the Mubarak government uses its Islamic opposition as an excuse for continue authoritarian rule.". Some said USA support ElBaradei, as candidate for the next President, so what he said may have some truth?....

The actual force behind the crisis is the youth of Egypt, the ordinary people, inspired by Tunisia, which trigger the anger that has been hidden in their heart. The threshold point has broken, the personal anger exploded into a crowd effect, it become contagion and the emotion spread. Just simple, the voices of people, the anger of the people; ordinary people. It is people power. Like Philippine, like Burma, it need support from the other stakeholder to achieve their objective. They need a champion to help them..... and yet the democracy champion has to count their cost.

It revealed the actual face of the democracy champion. Remember Iraq, how the CIA helped the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, and later disposed him when he no longer meet their objective in the Middle East strategy. Remember how the CIA was involved in Tibet. And many that they have support and the dictatorship for the country was evolved. Are they the champion of democracy?....

Muslim Brotherhood is now allied with legal Egyptian political groups and tied to Egyptian professional unions, university campuses, and social welfare programs, the Brotherhood is a “peaceful” group that “could draw moderate Muslims who identify with [its] ideology to participate in electoral politics, thereby isolating violent jihadis.” Indeed, the Brotherhood denounced a recent terrorist attack in Egypt as a “cowardly act” and is not on the U.S. State Department’s terrorist list....Though banned by Mubarak’s regime from participating in parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood has 17 supportive representatives in the Egyptian Parliament and is supporting ElBaradei’s leadership role in forming a new government without Mubarak(source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/atlantic/20110131/cm_atlantic/themuslimbrotherhoodthefutureofegypt6780).

Some are worried this is the Islamic Wave and not Movement for democracy....or is it a uprising of Pan Arab Movement?

Some said the results of the current uprising in Egypt will look like Iran's 1979 revolution. There will be another Ayatollah Khomeini. Many who fear that Egypt's revolution will turn out like Iran, envision the Muslim Brotherhood as the post-revolutionary autocratic regime. They say, "Revolutions are dangerous, and the post-revolutionary period is often autocratic". That is USA's actual worry, they are not worry about democracy, the human right, they are worry about the strategic position if there is the change of government when their good friend Mubarak was out. If he meet their strategic requirement, he still can continue as dictator; and the human right of the Egypt people is secondary.....they only ask for reform. To USA, Saddam Hussein can be good friend if he meet their strategic objective....and be a good follower like UK.

May be the recent economic problem has make USA weaker in their global strategic position; they can only focus and use differentiation strategy. China is more strategic importance to think about other region. Their concern is focus on Korea, Japan, Taiwan bloc; The Arabic bloc; and Africa can be of secondary. The strategic goal is still economy. The up and coming economic rivals from China and India. Forget about Burma, forget about Egypt, may be to USA, they are like East Timor, peanut in their strategy position.

We respect their worry, it hold water in a way. But this is emergency call from Egypt people; why are they holding on their help?.....USA's middle east strategy and the threat to their power base, the threat to Israel if the new government of Egypt is hostile to Israel, are the main causes for worry....

Democracy is demon go crazy if use for ultimate motive; true democracy should be for the benefit of the people. Not the absolute democracy to do whatever they like, the liberty without restriction, and double standard democracy, which will create another demon, the dictatorship....may be democracy is only for superpowers, to do whatever they like, without constraints, like the king with liberty to do anything...is it democracy?. Dictator has "democratic right" too, as demon that can do anything, can go crazy; democracy champion can also be a dictator under he disguise of democracy, to do whatever thing they like, they have military power. I am the champion, you follow my style, my rule of democracy games. Otherwise you are against "democracy".... so who is the actual champion of democracy?...USA is a hypocrite as democracy champion.

Democracy or Demon, Whatever that happen, only the Egypt people has the right to determine their future; to choose their own government, their own way of life, without disturbing others.....if they want Egyptian Ayatollah Khomeini, or even Egyptian Saddam Hussein, that is their choice, their democratic right, their human right. We have no right to choose for them....

Just pray that there will not be any opportunist who robbed the fruit of people uprising in Egypt, pray that the event in Egypt will bring peace and stability to Egypt as well as the world. Where people benefits, not the superpowers, the rulers, the politicians; but the ordinary people.

Best wishes to Egypt people....let the Red Sea open for them....

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