Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Malaysia (With Lyrics)...Anneke Gronloh

Oh Malaysia (With Lyrics)...Anneke Gronloh

Louise Johanna (Anneke) Grönloh, Born (Tondano, Dutch East Indies, June 7 1942) is a female Dutch singer.

Anneke was Tondano, North Celebes, Dutch East Indies born and spent her early years in the Japanese occupied the Dutch East Indies in a Japanese concentration camp. Her father, a soldier, had been interned for her birth.

After the war the family moved to the Netherlands Grönloh, and Anneke grew up in Eindhoven. At the Municipal Lyceum taught Matt Monro Peter Koelewijn know and acted with him and his band Peter and his Rockets on at parties. In 1959 Anneke was the winner of a talent show, which began her career as a singer. On August 31, 1964 she married the Veronica-DJ Wim-Jaap van der Laan. He died in 2004.

Anneke was a national celebrity in the early sixties and Dutch first real teen idol. In this period they controlled the Dutch charts with record-breaking hits like Burning Sand, Paradiso, Surabaya and Cimeroni. In her wake she drew teen stars like Willeke Alberti, Rob de Nijs and Trea Dobbs them. At the height of her fame, in 1964, Anneke Gronloh took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song You are my life, which it received the Audience. She ended with a joint tenth place in Belgium. At the end of the 60s she also began an international singing career.

In 2000 Anneke was named "Singer of the Century" because the record that copies of her single "Burning Sand" was sold. In the same year she was also a participant in the television program Big Brother VIPS.


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