Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ah Nieu - Ice Kacang Pupy Love(初恋红豆冰)

Ah Niu (Chinese: 阿牛), is the nickname and stage name of Tan Kheng Seong (Simplified Chinese:陈庆祥), a popular singer in Malaysia and Singapore in the late 1990s.

Ah Niu (Chinese: 阿牛), is the nickname and stage name of Tan Kheng Seong (Simplified Chinese:陈庆祥), a popular singer in Malaysia and Singapore in the late 1990s.

In 1997, his popularity was restricted to mainly Malaysia and Singapore, until Richie Jen (Traditional Chinese:任賢齊, Taiwanese singer) sung his song (Dui Mian De Nui Hai Kan Guo Lai 對面的女孩看過來 (Looky here!)- "direct translation=Look here, girl from opposite") which became widely popular.

In December 1998, Rock Records sent Ah Niu to expand his singing career in Taiwan. He quickly gained popularity with the Taiwanese masses with his brand of quirky, folk-ish songs that mainly focused on his daily life as a kampung boy in Malaysia and unrequited love.

His popularity gained even more momentum when the likes of Rene Liu and Karen Mok requested Ah Niu to compose songs for them which steadfastly placed him as a firm staple not only in Taiwan, but also in China and Hong Kong.

Ah Niu has been a special guest for many concerts around Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. He also starred in the movie Para Para Sakura by Aaron Kwok in year 2001.

Ah Nieu is from Butterworth(北海), Penang.

Ice Kacang Puppy Love(初恋红豆冰) is a latest Malaysian Chinese film, directed by Ah Nieu, a Malaysian singer; and he is also the main actor, supported by the actor and actress who are also international singers from Malaysia. The cast include 阿牛Ah Niu, 李心潔 Lee Sin Jie, 曹格Gary Chaw, 品冠Victor Wong, 梁靜茹Fish Leong, 巫啟賢Eric Moo,戴佩妮 Penny Tai, 易傑齊 Yi Jet Qi, 陳美娥 Angela Chan, 陳國坤Danny Chan, 張棟樑 Nicholas Teo. The movie is also directed by the main actor himself, 阿牛Ah Niu. Ah Niu, a singer turned director, has put all his effort to produce this local film, with the support of his friends, Malaysian singers and actress. If you are Malaysian, the film will remind you of growing up days in late 60s-80s in Malaysian village town. The film was taken in small town of Tronoh in Perak. For non- Malaysian, the film will give you the opportunity to know Malaysia more. The story is also strong and attractive on the growing years and love story in the village town environment. The emotional tale of teenager’s puppy love, parental love, generation gap, growing up, life reality, and friendship. Some said it may be the real growing life of Ah Nieu.

Teronoh (or Tronoh, Ternoh) is a small tin-mining town located some 30 km south of the Perak state capital Ipoh in Malaysia. The tin-mining industry boom during the early 20th century saw Teronoh grow from a small village into a major town. The centre of the mining field containing the mine of the Tronoh Mines Company, Ltd. was the village of Tronoh. The Tronoh Mines Company Ltd. belonged to Chung Thye Phin, a rich businessman (towkay) and last Chinese Kapitan of Perak and Malaya. It was here in Tronoh that Thye Phin's famous deep-shaft mine could be found. Tronoh town is now a small sleeping little town. I have been there once or twice, a new township Bandar Seri Iskandar was developed along the Ipoh-Lumut Highway, but Tronoh old town being distance from the Highway, was left behind by the development. The two universities (Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Universiti Teknologi MARA) are in the vicinity, where the students are mainly Malay. It will not provide any positive spill off effect to the town, as Tronoh old town is the Chinese majority small village town. The question is will Tronoh remain for long?....

Ah Niu's film not only provide us the picture of his old grow up days, but also give us some hint that there are many small towns in Perak or other states, where they are waiting for their days. What have Malaysian do to preserve the historical old town. Just like other countries, some old towns have become tourist attractions, and preserved for future generation. Behind the show there is a message Ah Nieu trying to tell......we have missed out our rich heritage, and let it wasted there for nature to take its days. It is a sorrow message....

He is a hardworking young director from Penang, Malaysia. Please support my country man. The film is good....

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