Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Budget travel in New york

I have recently visited New York city. NY is a big city, with diversified culture, it is the center of the world. You can easily lost in NY city if you are a person with no direction. There is so much attractions, you will not get bore. NY is the city that does not sleep, 24 hours a day, there is activities, action, and I love NY.....

Before you watch video on the travel tips, please take note that the US$35 a day does not include accommodation in NY, which is expensive. Unless you stay overnight in the airport, or finding some free accommodation in the street, live like a typical homeless person in NY; or if you have a gut to sleep in Central Park at night...... New York has some of the most expensive hotels in the world. Expect to pay up to $50 for a hostel style hotel; around $100-$200 for a budget room with shared bath; $250-$350 for a mid-range hotel with a decent room and a restaurant and/or room service; and much higher in the many high end hotels in the city. In the mid-range and splurge hotels, it often pays to ask for a corporate rate. Most rooms below $ 200 in Manhattan are small with room for a bed, a tv and little else. Be warned that the quality of hotels varies a lot and, in many cheap hotels away from the center (along the West Side Highway, or in the outer reaches of Queens) you may share the premises with hourly customers!

To save on food, there are free samples in the street, free testing in the food outlet or mall; cheap breakfast offered by Mac Donald for US1 per item; otherwise food is expensive...at least US$10 per meal. If you are foreign tourist, the currency exchange rate will add up your food bill...

There are tips to pay, even it is after meal, but the norm practice is fixed rate from the price. New Yorkers often calculate the base tip by doubling the tax. Since tax is 8.875%, if you double this, 17-18% approximates the tipping customs elsewhere in the US. Most New Yorkers tip 20% and above if they feel they were treated well. And this is in additional to tax you need to pay....

Transportation, buy a Metro Card. The New York City Transit Authority issues MetroCards for using the bus and subway system in the city. While it is possible to pay for a bus using exact change (in coins) you must have a MetroCard to enter the subway system. Cards can be bought online, at stations (either from a vending machine or from a token booth), or at many grocery stores and newstands (look for a MetroCard sign on the store window). It is possible to purchase MetroCards with a credit card from the ticket machines, however they require that you type in your 5-digit zip code to confirm the card (or just your regular pin on international cards). Information on types of MetroCards and fares can be found online at the Metrocard website.

How To See New York For $35 a Day

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Also watch the travel tip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqSiZad9D-I&feature=channel

How to save money in NY city

If you really have no money, and want to visit New York, then try asking for money in the street of New York. You can either act like a homeless people and beg for money. But please dress properly for the job, and do not attract the anger of real homeless people. You can also dress smart, and catch the attention of giver with noble donation to your needs; or you can provide your personal skills, mimic some famous personality, singing in the street, playing a musical instrument. But please no cheating.... or go against the law...or work illegally in the street of New York......

Otherwise, the Immigration will sent you back free or the labor office will invited you for dinner in the New york prison....hahaha.

How To Successfully Beg For Money

This is New York, different people have different skills to survive, short term or long term. Have a nice day in New York....

New York, New York..... I love New York.

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