Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 2010 travel spots

The top 50 most searched for destinations from UK airports for travel in 2010 have been revealed. The survey was from British travellers. It is not surprising Kuala Lumpur was included as top 50, as it was a former British colony with English speaking environment which British are familiar. The recent Air Asia, Malaysian low budget airline fly to UK may be part of the reasons for the selection. Kuala Lumpur is ranked 37th.

Skyscanner co-founder and business director Barry Smith said: “These early indications show that Spain is still by far the most popular destination for British travellers.
“Medium and long haul locations also seem to be on the rise compared to last year, suggesting that holiday budgets may be growing after a tough financial year.”

Malaga is in the top spot, moving up one place from last year.
Tenerife and Alicante are second and third, meaning Spain takes the top three positions, according to the data from travel search site Skyscanner.
Spain is yet again the most popular country for Britons to visit, with 11 Spanish destinations within the top 50, five of which are in the top 10.

Orlando is a new entry into the top ten, rising 12 places since last year.
Dalaman holds its position as the 5th most searched for destination for a second year in a row. New York breaks into the top 10, up five positions from last year.
Palma comes in 8th, down one place since last year; Lanzarote is ninth, rising four places, and Geneva is 10th, dropping two places.
New entries to the top 10 are Johannesburg and Cape Town, which will be hosting the World Cup in 2010. Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong also entered the top 50.

Bangkok of Thailand is the top ranked Asian city with the rank of 11th. The other Asian cities included are Dubai(40th), Hong Kong(42th). Kuala Lumpur is the 2nd highest ranked for Asia at 37th. We hope that Penang will be listed next time.....

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

Skyscanner Top 50:
1. Malaga, (Spain) [+1]
2. Tenerife (Spain) [+2]
3. Alicante (Spain)[0]
4. Orlando (USA) [+12]
5. Dalaman (Turkey) [0]
6. Faro (Portugal) [0]
7. New York (USA) [+5]
8. Palma (Spain) [-1]
9. Lanzarote (Spain) [+4]
10. Geneva (Switzerland) [-2]

11. Bangkok (Thailand) [+11]
12. Paphos (Cyprus) [-3]
13. Barcelona (Spain) [+1]
14. London (UK) [-13]
15. Bodrum (Turkey) [-4]
16. Paris (France) [+1]
17. Rome (Italy) [-2]
18. Gran Canaria (Spain) [+1]
19. Larnaca (Cyprus) [+1]
20. Sydney (Australia) [+7]

21. Johannesburg (South Africa) [New Entry]
22. Amsterdam (Netherlands) [-4]
23. Murcia (Spain) [-13]
24. Dublin (Ireland) [-1]
25. Ibiza (Spain) [+5]
26. Prague (Czech Republic) [-2]
27. Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) [+11]
28. Auckland (New Zealand) [+11]
29. Venice (Italy) [+4]
30. Luqa (Malta) [+5]

31. Krakow (Poland) [-5]
32. Las Vegas (USA) [+13]
33. Cape Town (South Africa) [New Entry]
34. Melbourne (Australia) [New Entry]
35. Fuerteventura (Spain) [-10]
36. Berlin (Germany) [+1]
37. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [New Entry]
38. Marrakech (Morocco) [-9]
39. Milan (Italy) [-7]
40. Dubai (UAE) [New Entry]

41. Madrid (Spain) [-5]
42. Hong Kong (Hong Kong) [New Entry]
43. Perth (Australia) [New Entry]
44. Edinburgh (UK) [-16]
45. Munich (Germany) [New Entry]
46. Salzburg (Austria) [-15]
47. Crete (Greece) [-6]
48. Brisbane (Australia) [New Entry]
49. Sofia (Bulgaria) [-2]
50. Nice (France) [-2]

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