Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti, rebuilt thy nation

The videa was shot entirely on location in Haiti. This was filmed throughout all of Haiti a couple of years ago, long before the earthquake. All of market and street footage was filmed in the streets of Port-au-Prince. They are a beautiful people in a beautiful country.

The people of Haiti must rebuilt Haiti; a nation that will rebuilt with their love and pride, a nation that will erase their bad memory. A nation that will make them stand tall.

A beautiful country with great potential for tourism.

A talent people for creativity of art and music.

First the public order and stability; let peace come to the nation,

Second let love prevail,and hatred disappear from the nation,

and ultimately let hope take the nation together to higher ground.

No more fighting , no more poverty.

No more negative image,

Haitian must stand tall with the positive value;

beautiful country and rich resources,

and the people's natural talent for creativity.

"Haiti must be rebuilt. Ultimately, we need to treat Haiti with compassion and respect and make sure that the country gets back on its feet once and for all. The west has funded truly corrupt governments in the past. Right now, in Haiti, there is a democratically elected government. Impossibly weak, but standing."

- Arcade Fire's Regine Chassagne, original singer for the song " Haiti".

A new nation with hopes, love ....respect and pride.


  1. mr boon, pls keep on informing from haiti
    even if haiti is not in fashion...
    very good reports

  2. Haiti will be great; it is beautiful; but first peace and social and political stability must be there.

    It is potential for tourism, and music, art..

    The future of Haiti is in the hand of the people.

    Haitian people must start from fresh; never return to the old ways.

    Stand up, your will be great one day.