Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventist Hospital - the day I was admitted to hospital

God Heals, We help

Today(27-2-2009), I was discharged from Adventist Hospital, Penang. Thanks to the team of Dr Teh Aik Sang, Siew Ai, Melissa, Lee Yu Kheng and Robert.

This is first time after 54 years since birth( I was not born in hospital), that I was admitted to hospital. Friends said it is blessing that I went to medical check up prior to retirement. I normally dislike go for medical check up even the check up will be paid by the employer. But I have visit many hospitals in Penang, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, and Kuala Lumpur. The visits were for other family members or friends, sometime for a stranger who I do no know.

The most unforgotten event in my hospital visit was a visit to an Iban boy, who suffered from acute kidney failure. It happen in Kuantan. It is by chance that we met the parent who was asking for a place to buy chicken for their boy who refused to eat hospital food. It was late at night, and we have to help the parent searching for the food. We become friend because of the event, the child was very happy to have his chicken dinner. Looking at the boy's face, we feel very sad, despite his smile it was swollen, as the child was seriously ill. Weeks later, the child was discharged.But one day we received a call from the parent, that the boy has passed away after he re-admitted to the same hospital. They have no relative in Kuantan, we are their only new found friends, and the grandma of the boy who come all the way from the home village. We need to arrange for the funeral , with Pastor David Pitchai conduct the funeral, and sent the body back to their native land in Sarawak. It is touching and simple Christian funeral for the boy, and we are his only friends here, we have to make the best for the young boy. The departure cry of the parents and the grand mum, at the moment my tears dropped with theirs. This young boy is my new found friend and he has to leave so early. I know the boy will be having good time eating chicken in heaven. The tearful eyes of the parent and the grandmother after the funeral, the peaceful face of the child......... my heart go for the family, and still remember them, because they touch my heart. The boy was still young, and yet he has to leave.

The second incident was my own dad. He was admitted to hospital in Penang , after a fall due to the bone fracture. But was re-admitted after operation for internal problem, which we still not satisfied with the answer given by the said hospital. Dad was not ready to leave, and not expected to leave. Dad may have many things that he has not fulfilled or completed.

Another incident was my father in law, he was a heavy smoker. But lived until 85 years. He was admitted to a university hospital in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I still remember when he was critical ill due to lung problem, and he was laying on the bed. Suddenly he wake up and searching for his bicycle, and he want to check the business account in his two shops. He used to cycle each morning to his two shops to check on the accounts. The last days of his life he still remember his business. His business is his life until the end.

The moment I admitted to hospital, pastor's wife was with me; wife was with me. The mind was in the prayer mood, the Psalm 23 was with me. I was naked when I admitted to operation room, It remind me of Garden of Eden, where human was naked before God. All is clear, we cannot not hide anything from the almighty. There is where we come in nakedness, we have to go back home in naked. We have no choice, God see everything in us. This is lesson that I learn, need to be prepared for the event. It is natural process; birth, aging, sick and death. It will come one day, are we ready for the day? May God help us to prepare for it.

The service of the hospital is good; especially the nursing staff. The registration and pharmacy staff are equally polite. I really enjoyed staying there, especially the smiling faces of these people and the information provided for each process taken really make you feel comfort. Despite the hospital is busy, the staff are still having the smiling faces, this is remarkable. This is unlike the other private hospitals in Penang.

May be it is because the hospital is managed by Adventist Church, a non-profit organization, which make the difference.

It was a blessing, that I am fine. Thanks to the doctors and the nursing staff, thanks to all church members who supported me in prayer. Thanks God for giving more time for me in this earth..........I will be thankful for each day that God give, I know that it will be a blessed days for each day I live. Each morning when I wake up, I will be thankful , thank God for giving me another new day and that ......... I am still alive for another beautiful day.

This is the first time I was admitted to a hospital ; it was also the first time I admitted to Adventist hospital( a friendly hospital), it was the first time I go for an operation; they said it is my blessing, as only after 54 years that I have my first visit recorded.

Life is still beautiful, isn't it?


  1. 健康是金钱买不到的。。我以前也是重量级的烟客