Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rare Earth Elements Crisis Could End Green Energy Revolution

Rare Earth Metals aren't as widely know as oil for example. But they'll soon become pretty notorious. These minerals are essential part of almost every technological device on the market today, like cell phones, cameras, HYBRID CARS, wind turbines and even military devices.
The fact that China currently produces 97% of the world's supply, the results of exports halt will be disastrous.

Meanwhile, rare earth ore-rich USA only has several development stage companies, trying to deal with that problem:

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. PINK:GDLNF
Molycorp, Inc NASDAQ:MCP
Rare Element Resources Ltd. NYSE:REE
Medallion Resources Ltd. PINK:MLLOF
Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. PINK:UURAF

While the government takes the usual stance: postpone taking precautions, until the situation becomes unbearable.

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