Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norway and the world

It was a sad day for Norway. A country perceived by the world as peaceful and prosperous country.

The five happiest countries in the world--Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands--are all clustered in the same region, and all enjoy high levels of prosperity. The Scandinavian countries do really well. One theory why is that they have their basic needs taken care of to a higher degree than other countries. Those basic needs explain the relationship between income and well-being.

Yet a violence incident to kill innocent people, a mass killing of terrorist happened in Norway. It was not done by outside terrorist, but a local breed Norwegian. The worst is , the mass killing incident happen in Norway, and the killer killed own people? The fact is hard to swallow.

Extremism killed, and extremism has no border; it is not limited by religion, by nation, by race, by location……whatever form of extremism, it lead to disaster to mankind, either individually or socially. The IT technology and social media facilitate the spread and development of extremism, due to the speed knowledge can be acquired, the speed ideal s can be communicated to masses. The mind is the ultimate breeding place for extremism.

The mental and emotional awareness of the extremism, to younger generation, is weak; coupled with the self centered and egoistic mentality, it nourished social extremism.

The breakdown of family bond and weakening of family value, which led to society with less sense of belonging to family, the basic unit of society. The internet environment is the only guideline for the potential individual, without the reminding and support of the senior family members to upkeep the positive family value.

The social environment that encourage independence and isolation, that lead to indulgence in violence computer games, war games, and negative value, that lead to extremism.

In short, a person is full of loneliness, hatred, negative value, wrong and negative information, helping to cultivate the one way thinking of oneself, that lead to extremism. In short, the person is having no love for himself, no sense of belonging to family unit, no social status, threatening environment(either actual or perceived); mentally he was under extreme impulses and pressure, until a breaking point where violence ignited.

I still remember once I was in Kuala Lumpur Chinatown, having lunch with a backpacker from Norway. While we are sharing on family life, he was very provoked, and suddenly feels uneasy to talk about. This is not a usual response for Malaysian when talking about family. Malaysian will normally talk fondly about family life. The Norwegian friend later told me, when he was young as child, his parents did not take care of him, and he is not prepare to take care of them. He is not going back home for them. At that time, I was thinking may be the parent had divorced, and he was lack of parental care. Until one day I realized that it is the social norm, of working parents, and let the children to be take care by nursery. The children are growing up without the closeness of their parents. The parents are not together with the children, when they are growing up. The grandparents are not around either, there is no closest family members to walk with them and provide them guidance.

Their only teacher is from the internet; war games,violence movies, extremist propaganda and materials; religion fanatic teaching; ultra political thinking; racism; and popular culture from TV and websites are the teachers ......they have freedom to do anything, under their understanding of democracy and freedom for ownself.

The high divorce rate, the dual working parents, the collapse of family unit, the distance of grandparent to the child……the family social value is breaking down in the current social environment.

If the child has no feeling of belonging, feeling of being love; even he has religion, religion without love is nothing, because religion must have love for the fellow man, the mankind. Once the basic value failed, and he found no love in his heart, another opposing force nourish in his heart, a mental cultivation for hate. Despite having religion, he is not getting the fullness of the religion knowledge of God, a desired part of the religion was adopted to support his agenda and perception in his mind. Religion becomes his tool to gain his ideal condition of extremism. He become a religion fanatic, not true religion follower, as no religion will teach negative social value and killing people, except religion fanatic, which has deviated away from the actual teaching.

The breaking down of family value; biased fanatic religion teaching or occult or false religion teaching; the impact of social media and Internet technology with information that cannot be differentiate its truth; the popular culture that impact different value; the computer games to stimulate fanaticism and extremism; ultra political ideals with no compromise for moderation, selfish and egoistic mentality; become the multiple factors that cultivate fanaticism.

When monetary gains become a norm for society; when society become capitalistic without regard to the social needs of less advantage people; when everyone indulged in economic success and participate in social ills, when corruption are norm to a country, when environment are polluted and when the government become arrogant ; when law lost its fairness, when religion talk about killing mankind …. This created social pressure to the young generations who are bought up in the comfort, imparted with information through IT media, truth or false, without control. Their tolerance level or threshold level for acceptance of differences or diversity are low. Their emotion is fragile, unlike their grandfathers in WW2 era; without comfort of love, fanaticism developed....

We need to change the perception; money and comfort did not bring happiness and peace, even an environment within the most happiest country, can cultivate extremism, and developed mass killers or terrorists. The source of inspiration is from the environment surround, and is he happy personally with the environment. Even with a well protected environment, information can now move with the internet technology, to any lonely extremist potential and develop him to a full blood fanatic. With the information advancement of religion fanatic, ultra politic and the freedom to own gun, without interact with the actual terrorist, a lone terrorist can be created...

Have religion terrorism, ultra politic thinking and false democracy and human right advocates, pushing our younger generation to the corner of extremism?.....

we ourselves nourish the social environment for fanaticism. Some country even endorsed religion, political and military extremism…

…..and now society is sick…..where is the moderate people? why the extremists and ultra politic thinking, religion fanatic, false democracy and human right advocates, are influencing the world and affecting our younger generation.....

It is not Norway, it is not only Afghanistan; it can happen in China, in Japan, in India, in America(USA), or even Malaysia, and any country…….

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