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Remember Hiroshima

Hiroshima is such a loving place, if you ever being to the place. I was in Hiroshima on 13-3-2011,immediately after the 2011 earthquake(11-3-2011) when many people were leaving Japan. I really enjoyed every moment of Hiroshima.

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Hiroshima (広島市, Hiroshima-shi)is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, and the largest city in the Chūgoku region of western Honshu, the largest island of Japan. It became best known as the first city in history to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon when the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped an atomic bomb on it at 8:15 A.M. on August 6, 1945, near the end of World War II.

On Monday, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 AM, the Atomic Bomb "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima by an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay,directly killing an estimated 80,000 people. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought total casualties to 90,000–140,000. Approximately 69% of the city's buildings were completely destroyed, and about 7% severely damaged.

Today it is August 6th ,2011. Today, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki observe the 66th anniversary of the American atomic attacks at the end of World War II, the survivors are hoping that they can use their unique moral standing, as the only victims of nuclear bombings, to wean both Japan and the world from what they see as mankind’s tragedy-prone efforts to tap the atom. “Is it Japan’s fate to repeatedly serve as a warning to the world about the dangers of radiation". The message is also a call and warning to stop the nuclear plant, and avoid any radiation hazard in any part of the world ....

The moment I stand at the Hiroshima railway station on 13-3-2011, coming from Nagasaki; my heart was telling me that this is the place I have been longing to visit, the place I am looking forward to come, it is Hiroshima. I am now in Hiroshima.....

Before I went to Japan, the two cities I must visit was not Tokyo and Kyoto, it was Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As I walked and look at the city, walking in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (広島平和記念公園, Hiroshima heiwa kinen kōen) and pondering of why the atomic bomb was dropped there. Did USA make a mistake?. Nagasaki was bombed for the reason that, initially it was to be Fukuoka, but due to cloudy condition that day it saved the city, the pilot choose Nagasaki. The city with large concentration of Japanese churches and Christians, a place with peace loving people. Nagasaki saved Fukuoka. Henry L. Stimson, the Secretary of War at the time, who had known and admired Kyoto ever since his honeymoon there several decades earlier, saved Kyoto. But why Hiroshima? Is it another mistake? In my heart I cried for Hiroshima, the painful past, we prayed that it will not happen again.

At the time of its bombing, Hiroshima was a city of some industrial and military significance. A number of military camps were located nearby, including the headquarters of the Fifth Division and Field Marshal Shunroku Hata's 2nd General Army Headquarters, which commanded the defense of all of southern Japan. Hiroshima was a minor supply and logistics base for the Japanese military. The city was a communications center, a storage point, and an assembly area for troops. It was one of several Japanese cities left deliberately untouched by American bombing, allowing a pristine environment to measure the damage caused by the atomic bomb.

The population of Hiroshima had reached a peak of over 381,000 earlier in the war, but prior to the atomic bombing the population had steadily decreased because of a systematic evacuation ordered by the Japanese government. At the time of the attack, the population was approximately 340,000–350,000. Because official documents were burned, the exact population is uncertain.

The A-Bomb Dome, the skeletal ruins of the former Industrial Promotion Hall. The building closest to the hypocenter of the nuclear bomb that remained at least partially standing. It was left how it was after the bombing in memory of the casualties. Today The A-Bomb Dome is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Look at the actual building that left, imagine the heat intensity and the fire that destroyed the building, despite the serene surroundings, your heart will be pumping with emotion for the moment.

Walking along the canal, arrived at The Rest House of Hiroshima Peace Park, just across the road, another atomic bombed building in the park.

The members of Free Hugs Moment were there near the bridge, just in front of The Rest House of Hiroshima Peace Park. The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places. As we hug each other, under the banner of Free Hugs that day, remember a friendly hug will initiate a gratitude of friendship, peace, and comfort. It is more meaningful in the Peace City of Hiroshima.

...and walk not far away is The Children's Peace Monument.

The Children's Peace Monument is a statue dedicated to the memory of the children who died as a result of the bombing. The statue is of a girl with outstretched arms with a folded paper crane rising above her. The statue is based on the true story of Sadako Sasaki (佐々木禎子, Sasaki Sadako), a young girl who died from radiation from the bomb. She believed that if she folded 1,000 paper cranes she would be cured. Many children around the world now fold cranes and send them to Hiroshima. Folded paper cranes representing prayers for peace and Sadako Sasaki.

Hours spent in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum; each chapters of history were opened for us. Every hours of the day 8:15 A.M. on August 6, 1945 appeared while we walked in the museum. You feel like the heart is heavy, and tears flow freely from your eyes, step by step you are going into the time when bombing of the city took place.

I want to tell my daughter what happen to Hiroshima, I want to let her see what happen to Hiroshima. The young generation must know Hiroshima. Looking at her face in the museum, the kid who was born at the comfort and peace in the 90s. She must be ponder, why this happen. I need to tell her, kid, never follow blindly, love of our fellow human is the prime force behind any action. God make all man the same, all man are brothers within the four seas. No killings should allow to happen anywhere. No militarism, no fanaticism, no extremism, no the message of peace deliver to her heart. I pray that she receive the message....

As we pray in silence in front the Memorial Cenotaph.

Let the Peace Flame burned continuously, and peace forever be around the world

How good if the earth is full of peace... I feel like hearing the sound of Peace Bell not far from the park, it will ring each year on 6th August, an indication the longing of peace in our heart.

Let not forget Hiroshima, let the city always remind us the message of peace.

Hiroshima is a city of peace, when remember the city and the people, pray that peace still in our heart, and always remember human lives are the universal assets we should cherish,regardless of race. That killing of any kind should never happen again.

No military killings; No 911 like in New York; No mass killings like Norway.....

A little big of love, and remember the people who died in Hiroshima.

Remember Hiroshima.....and give peace a chance...

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