Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan -A Strange Country

Kenichi Tanaka‘s excellent motion infographic about Japan....

The graduation work of Japanese designer, Kenichi Tanaka(田中健一),born in 1987 at Nagoya, Japan. It revealed in comic form the national character of Japan and Tokyo.

Somebody commented: Kenichi Tanaka made this thesis piece to show his countrymen that things that take place in Japan, ‘isn’t that normal’. So the tale was told from a foreigner’s viewpoint rather than a Japanese’s, but he begs ‘please don’t call me racist, because I am one of short, small eyes Japanese ;P’. This is a smart and insightful piece because of the cultural self-awareness of its maker. Definitely a significant contribution to the world of visual essays(source: Lilian Darmono,ttp://

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