Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Friendly Visit or A lecture?

THE OBAMA administration has focused much of its foreign policy on what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton likes to call the "three D's:" diplomacy, development and defense. A fourth D, democracy, is missing from that formula - and too often it has been absent from President Obama's strategy.

So it has been encouraging to see the emphasis the president has placed on democratic countries and democratic values during his ongoing tour of Asia. In a region where the shadow and the example of autocratic China are formidable, Mr. Obama is visiting four free countries, and in his speeches he is making a strong case for why they are more likely to succeed in the long run.

On Wednesday in Indonesia, the president offered an important addendum to Ms. Clinton's slogan. "Development," he said, "is inseparable from the role of democracy. . . . Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty." He went on to explain why: "It takes a free press and an independent justice system to root out abuses and excess. and to insist on accountability. It takes open society and active citizens to reject inequality and injustice."

(source: The Washington Post;

It seems like the visit is to lecture the host countries on diplomacy(power control), democracy( democracy defined by the powerful), human right(human right in other countries), development(prosperity by borrowing and printing US currency), defence(by selling arms and hate your neighbor). Suddenly I see Obama in different image, unlike when he was elected as President, when we anticipated that there will be changed, in Asian relationship,and bring a new trend in global politic. But it did not happen. Obama is like all President in USA, he is not of level of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, or Mandela, who dare to change, and because of their change, Obama was able to become President of USA. He still move with the tempo of USA politic .... the old perception of Asia, supremacy of USA, democracy, human right and environment protection, defense strategy of cold world. He still remained in the mentality of the cold world, I wonder how he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize?... the issues have been repeated all over again......but never a time when the country who once said IN God We Trust was the foundation of the nation, Obama is not able to humbly said a word that, love thy neighbors is the foundation of the national foreign policy. USA has lost the spirit of her founding father, in religion, in democracy, in human right.....the wild wild west has long lost...the great country is no more....

Every steps he take, every steps Hillary Clinton took, is the reflection of the country; of power,of strong military power....I will protect you if you....for what? to buy the arms from USA, otherwise the perceived enemy is at your doors. It is not friendly visit, it is a visit of desperation, declining economic power.... a sour grape diplomacy to tell that if you did not complied with my terms, that is what you see.

Sour grape the time when we need cooperation for global issues; and yet the mentality is still in the cold world. With the attitude, the terrorist problem will persist...

Democracy is ability to say No, to say no to USA, to say no to China, to say no to Japan, and and to say No to external undue political pressure from outside. The ability or liberty to say No to controlling power. Democracy is to listen to the minority views, to listen to the differences.... and human right is to listen to the sound from the people of the world, not the global politician of the world, when the world suffered under them.....The world not only need democracy and human right within national boundary; as we are now in the borderless world of IT, but also need democracy and human right in global prospective, where even a small nation has its democracy(the right to take its own political system), human right(the right of the people in the country), and not to be controlled by the superpowers. Today we talk so much of democracy within the nation, but there is no democracy in global politic, where superpower control the world. "The right of choice" in global politic should be respect, and each nation should allow the space and liberty to do their own way under peaceful environment, for their national interest, and not under undue influence from the stronger power to comply with their hidden agenda. The world need Global human right, a National Human Right represented the human right of respective countries in global perspective(national right of people in the respective country), where even the small nation's right to rule and independence is respected by the stronger countries. Diplomacy is the respect of the right of other nation, a respect of their people, their democracy of choice in political system, their human right, their is not looking inward with the mentality"You Shall Follow my Style". The Global Democracy, is the right of choice not to follow any superpower and comply with their definition of democracy and human right, or they way they do things......the right to say " NO" to the superpower that I want my own way for the interest of my people, we do not accept any undue influence from other nations. That is democracy in global perspective, and global cooperation will be facilitated if the individual right of a nation is respected, we are equal in the world..... that is global democracy.

The world is not the platform for politician to play their games....not the platform for only the is the platform for all human being, the world citizen....

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