Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changi Airport

I am now in Changi Airport , Singapore. Waiting for the transit to USA. It is late night , I am using the free service provide by the airport. This is T3 of the airport. Tomorrow morning I will be going to Hong Kong on the way to Chicago by air.

The day is spend travelling in the air, just received news mother in law just passed away today on 12-5-2010. Remember the time spending with her in Penang when she is seeking treatment at the hospital in Penang. She was suffering from Lung cancer. The courage and spirit that she revealed during treatment, and the time spending with her sharing about the time she visited USA, and China. Despite the suffering, depite the time of in and out of the hospital; we have great time sharing and laughing. The time seem to be just passed recently and now she is gone. She has been touring many countries as an old woman, she anticipated to visit her late husband's ancestral home in Dapu, China; but she did not make it to visit again. We had been visited the beautiful county of Dapu with her, my children and wife; we have beautiful time together, and we promised that we will go again. Ssd to say, she did not realise the dream. Farewell, mother in law....

Wife was sad as we are not able to attend the funeral as we are on the way to USA. We will remember her in the air, may her soul rest in peace. We will always remember her. The time together will be cherish by us. Goodbye, mother in law.....

She will be foreever remember by our family.....

2.50 am 13/5/2010
Changi Airport, Singapore


  1. condolence.....

    may I know what's the best hospital in Penang ? Thanks

  2. There are many good hospitals in Penang. Indonesian are coming to Penang for medical treatment, it is cheaper than Singapore. Please check the web sites for the names of hospitals.Know the names of specialists for the specific illness, not only hospitals.