Saturday, January 31, 2009

Visit to Kelantan

Queen of the Malaysian fruits - Mangosteen( 山竹). Now there is mangosteen juice in the market, reported to be healthy, as it contain antioxidants, which is able to combat the aging process, it can be used as supplement to support our immune system.

Wah.............. it is a fresh mangosteen.

In the pasar Kada, on the way to Tumpat.

Stall selling Fruits, look at the Mandarin orange or they called it tangerine.

Fish seller, most of the market stalls in Kelantan are run by woman.Women have always played a major part in the economy of the state.

Kelantan, an Islamic state.

Kelantan or Darul Naim , is one of the northernmost state of Malaysia, located at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaya, bordering South Thailand & the South China Sea. It is one of the Malay dominated state. It is also an Islamic state.It has been politically controlled by PAS government for some time. Many of non-Muslim Malaysian,and even foreigners may have misconception of the state.

I am fortunate to live in Kelantan during the eighties, the memory from Kelantan is good. That is the time when I exposed to a dominated Malay culture for the first time. Being from a state which is Chinese dominated, Penang; the cultural shock is unavoidable.

There was time taken to understand the Kelantan dialect; which is complete different from ordinary Malay language. The makan become make, pergi become gi......
When you hear Kelantanese voice, the chances are it may be a local Chinese speaking the local dialect like a typical Kelantan Malay. It is also common when Kelantan Chinese speak Kelantan dialect with each others.

The time taken to adapt to Kelantanese Malay food, that is easier. This is because being exposed to Nyonya culture in Penang,the adoption of Kelantan Malay food as my daily routine faced no difficulty. I love the Kelantan Malay food, nasi dagang, nasi laut, nasi kerabu.....Ooooo it is good. All locals love the Kelantan food, & some of the best nasi laut may be from a local Kelantan Chinese!

I left Kelantan with sweet memories,and .....with a wife.

This Chinese New Year 2009, with one week holiday. I am going to walk the memory lane in Kelantan.

Ku nak gi kelante, make nasi kerabu, nasi dagang.....marilah.


  1. 除了在吉兰丹。。哪里还可以吃到 nasi laut?

  2. Please visit my blog on Friday, September 4, 2009 with title :Kelantan Food- Kelante breakfast.

    The Nasi laut should be Nasi Lauk. But it may be correct, as it is actually breakfast for fishermen in Kelantan and Trengganu and food they bought to the sea when on fishing trip. A simple Kelantanese breakfast,only can found in Kelantan and Trengganu.